Oslo Welcomes EAPR Triennial Conference 2024 On Potatoes

Published online: May 26, 2024 Articles Siri Elise Dybdal
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In July, scientists from across the world will convene in Oslo for the five-day Triennial Conference 2024, focusing on the potato crop.

Organised by NIBIO on behalf of The European Association for Potato Research (EAPR), this event marks Norway's first hosting of the conference. Under the leadership of EAPR President Arne Hermansen, the organising committee pledges to make this edition "the best Triennial conference ever," offering the latest findings in potato research alongside engaging opportunities for excursions.

From Breeding And Genetics To Potato And Soil Health

The scientific agenda spans ten sessions, encompassing a wide range of topics related to sustainable potato production.

Kicking off the conference, keynote speaker Dr. Ingo Hein from The James Hutton Institute and the University of Dundee, Scotland, will delve into genetics and genetic resources, highlighting new techniques and hybrid breeding methods such as crispr, cis/trans, and resistance breeding.

Dr. Hein explains, "Our research bridges potato genetics and pathology, partnering with industry to enhance crop protection against biotic threats."

Subsequent sessions will address diverse facets of potato cultivation, including potato health, integrated pest management, and soil health.

Experts such as Professor May Bente Bruberg of NIBIO, Norway, and Dr. Alison Lees from The James Hutton Institute will share insights into combating diseases and pests affecting potatoes.

Technology, Sustainability, And Climate

Leading scholars like Professor Laura Grenville-Briggs Didymus from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Professor Paul Struik from Wageningen University in the Netherlands will then explore topics ranging from biocontrol of soil-borne pathogens to seed tuber physiology.

Dr. Corné Kempenaar from Wageningen University will highlight the role of precision technology and data-driven crop management, while Professor Søren Hustedt from the University of Copenhagen will discuss advancements in fertilizers and nutrient uptake mechanisms.

Addressing the pressing issue of climate change, Professor Dr. Anne Gobin from the University of Leuven, the oldest university in Belgium, will examine its impact on potato production, with a focus on water management.

Professor Gobin has expertise in crop modelling, climate and extreme weather impacts on cropping systems and agricultural water management.

Consumer Trends And Connecting Research To Practice

Professor Nora Olsen from the University of Idaho will follow with a focus on post-harvest preservation techniques amid evolving climatic conditions.

Then, Dr. Monica Parker from the International Potato Centre will shed light on potatoes in a societal context, addressing food waste, consumer trends, and health effects.

The final session will focus on bridging the gap between science and industry, with insights from industry professionals and academic leaders.

Visits To Norwegian Potato Producers

Beyond the conference program, delegates will have the opportunity to participate in seven whole-day excursions, including visits to farms, breeding stations, and various industry facilities, providing firsthand insights into Norway's potato production landscape.

EAPR president, Professor Arne Hermansen, says this is a conference not to miss:

“You should not miss this event in the northernmost potato producing country in the world. EAPR2024 will give you an update on the most important research in all aspects of the potato crop. In addition, you can participate in excursions bringing you to the most important potato producing areas in Norway.”