Experts Explore What Constitutes a 'High-Quality' Carbohydrate


A panel of four internationally recognized carbohydrate researchers, educators, clinicians, and food chemists discussed the concept of carbohydrate quality and the many factors that should be considered when assessing the quality of a carbohydrate-contain

NPC Applauds House Passage of Farm Workforce Modernization Act


The National Potato Council welcomed U.S. House passage of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. The bill now goes to the U.S. Senate for consideration.

Varietals, Organics Continue to Spice Up Potato Business


A potato isn’t just a potato, particularly now, with new varieties and organics coming on, marketers say—though russets remain king at retail.

New Product: TOMRA 3A Optical Sorter

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TOMRA Food introduces the TOMRA 3A, a vision sorter for the separation of a range of foreign material from unwashed potatoes.

Minnesota Seed Association Hires Promotion Director

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The Minnesota Certified Seed Potato Grower’s Association has hired Perry Paschke to serve as promotions director for the group.

Processed Potato Needs Influence Fresh Market


The chip, frozen and other potato-processing businesses continue to touch the fresh industry, but that touch might be a bit stronger this year, marketers say.

Danforth Center Launches AgTech NEXT Conference

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New annual gathering to connect thought leaders around emerging trends and opportunities in the food and agriculture sectors

Potatoes are Value Buy, Even When Prices Climb


Potato prices may be higher this year than last because of tighter supplies, but the product remains a good value, and its versatility certainly hasn’t changed, marketers say.

Hashing Out the Potato Harvest


The USDA expects the lowest yield potato since 2010, a 6.1 percent decline since last year.

Reinke Recognizes Rain for Rent as Top 10 Dealership


Reinke Manufacturing has recognized Rain for Rent as one of its top 10 highest-selling dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada.

BASF's New Fungicide Effectively Fights Early Blight

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Provysol fungicide is an isopropanol azole fungicide, making it a solution for disease control. Provysol not only controls key diseases, but also provides a new mode of action to manage resistance and has excellent tank-mixing capabilities, according to c

Regional Economy to Feel Effects of Minn./N.D. Harvest


The ripple effect of what likely will be multibillion-dollar crop losses will be felt in many sectors of the Red River Valley regional economy, experts say.

Washington Avoids Potato Shortage


Washington potato growers could double what they earn from this year’s crop because of shortages in Idaho, the Upper Midwest and Canada caused by bad weather in October that forced some producers to leave their spuds in the field.

Maine Potatoes Expected to be in Strong Demand


Don Flannery, executive director of the Maine Potato Board, says that poor harvests in other regions would create a “strong demand” for Maine-grown potatoes.

New Product: High-Horsepower Belle Motors from Single Phase Power Solutions

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Available from 30 to 100 horsepower, these single-phase pump solutions are easily installed by simply connecting to available single-phase utility power; they do not require a phase converter or variable frequency drive.

Potato Shortage Could Be Positive for Wisconsin Growers


Despite a tough growing season, Wisconsin farmers were able to avoid an early killing frost and were able to meet their production quotas.