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Allied Potato a beacon of innovation and growth for the U.S. potato industry

New Product: Forte Humidifiers from GroupAg

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Forte Humidifiers are designed to be efficient, effective and versatile. While offering additional capability, the units produce a superior-quality fog or fine mist, making it easier to achieve an ideal storage humidity level.

Nature Safe Organic Fertilizer Plant Opens in Nebraska

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Darling Ingredients Inc. announces the opening of its third organic fertilizer production facility in Fremont, Neb. The facility is located on a 10-acre site with the ability to produce 35,000 tons of Nature Safe Natural & Organic Fertilizers annually.

USDA to Aid Disadvantaged, Veteran Farmers


The USDA announced up to $16 million in available funding to help socially disadvantaged and veteran farmers and ranchers own and operate successful farms. Funding is made through the USDA’s Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and R

Keeping Fries Crisp for Delivery


Home-delivered fast food is a booming global business. But when it comes to french fries, there’s a hitch. They often get soggy on the ride. So top fry-makers are racing to perfect a crispy fry that can survive a 15-minute ride with a food delivery servic

Ontario Early Potato Crop Progressing Well

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The harvest of early potatoes for the fresh market is expected to start by July 18 in southwestern Ontario, according to potato specialist Eugenia Banks’s latest update.

Wisconsin Researchers Help Develop New Variety for Peru


In Spanish you might call it patrimonio or orgullo; in English it translates to national pride or honor. However it’s phrased, for the people of Peru, the concept is forever entwined with the potato, a totemic symbol of the indigenous cultures and heritag

Cover Crops Improve Bottom Line


While not all farmers in the 2016-2017 National Cover Crop Survey saw the same benefits from adding cover crops to their production practices, most experienced multiple benefits.

Unprecedented Demand Yields Good Potato Season for Virginia


Demand for Virginia red and yellow potatoes is unprecedented this year. The state has benefited from positive growing conditions in contrast to less-than-favorable conditions in other areas. The state also experienced good potato-growing weather.

Idaho Potato Commission Awards Culinary Educators


At Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, N.C., three culinary instructors won a 2019 Idaho Potato Commission Leadership Innovation Award for Excellence in Foodservice Education.

Marketing Opportunities Abound, Potato Suppliers Say


Potato marketers in the Pacific Northwest have multiple plans for their spuds this year, as usual.

Swiss Rösti Launches New Brand of Potatoes


U.S.-based Swiss Rösti, a start-up company based in Portland, Ore., is announcing the nationwide introduction of a new three-item line of frozen Crispy Filled Potato products under its Rösti brand.

Weather Improves Prospects for Northwest Producers


Some potato growers in Washington and Oregon had trouble getting their crop in the ground, as wet and cold conditions lingered into planting season. However, once they did, the growing process seemed supercharged, they said.

Eagle Eye Produce Ships Year-Round


Eagle Eye Produce, based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is one of the few grower-shippers where a foodservice customer can load Idaho-grown russet, red and yellow potatoes all on the same truck from the same facility year-round.

Nonpareil-Idaho Potato Packers Focuses on Quality Russets


Nonpareil-Idaho Potato Packers is a three-generation, family-owned packer and shipper specializing in Idaho russet potatoes.

Colorado Growers Await Warmer Days


Potato growers in Colorado are hoping to see some warmer days and more sunshine this summer in order to make up some lost time.