New Product: Farmwave AI Subscriber Model

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Farmwave’s mission is to transform the world’s agricultural information into AI data models that power decision-making and preserve the future of farming.

Researcher Thrives on Questions


Ask a farmer why he or she uses a certain practice, and the reply might be: "Because that's what we've always done." That's not good enough for Mark Pavek.

MSU Extension Offers Delayed Planting Resources


Midwest farmers are facing difficult planting and farm management decisions after weeks of unrelenting rainfall. Michigan State University Extension has educational resources and programs to help farmers as they deal with delayed planting seasons.

Rain Delays Planting for Ontario Growers


It’s been a frustrating start to the Ontario field crop season, with farmers trying to seed their fields in the cold and wet as the growing window narrows.

Northwest Potatoes at Risk of Late Blight

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Recent weather conditions in Washington are increasing the probability of late blight infection in potatoes. Late blight thrives in rainy weather, and under such conditions, can damage potatoes quickly.

Menus of Change


June 18-20 in Hyde Park, N.Y.

The Potato Guardians


In the Peruvian Andes, Indigenous potato farmers are working with researchers to develop climate-smart spuds.

New Product: NemOMEX Nematicide

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NemOMEX is a cost-effective biopesticide with unique qualities in comparison to conventional nematicides. NemOMEX uses an extract from the wood and bark of the soapbark tree.

McCain Holds Grand Opening of Expanded Burley Plant


McDonald’s french fries were scrutinized by robotic eyes, peeled, sorted and bagged in a highly automated process Monday as visitors toured the new McCain Foods USA plant during the company’s grand opening.

New Products: Drexel Potato Portfolio

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Learn more about Drexel's Dimethoate LV-4 miticide, L-C insecticide and SUFFA insecticide/fungicide.

New Product: Omex Cell Power Zynergy

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Results from two years of trials using a new nutrient formulation suggest that it may offer a bonus in the way of synergistic activity. It has been billed as a “unique complex of zinc and copper,” which could form part of an integrated crop management pro

Michigan Farmers Can Build Commercial Solar Panels on Agricultural Land


Michigan farmers will keep their tax incentives if they build commercial solar panels on land set aside for agricultural use.

Legion Bio Chem Renamed as Nutra-Crop

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"New name, same mix-and-match nutrient solutions"

Idaho Grower Gets Big Payout for Elk Damage


Don McFarland filed for $1.028 million in damages due to 500 elk eating his organic Kamut wheat and organic potato crops.

Creating an Effective Pest Management Program for Potatoes

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Pest control is a significant part of a grower’s job, and a thorough integrated pest management (IPM) program can help control key insects that attack potatoes.