Syngenta Puts Emerging Tech in Growers' Hands

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New technologies help growers increase yield potential in difficult environments while preserving natural resources.

North Carolina Potatoes Head To Fresh, Chipping Markets


North Carolina’s potato season is underway, with plenty of round white, red and yellow varieties for the fresh market, as well as potatoes for the chipping market.

Gleaning Network Distributes Maine Potatoes


COVID-19’s emergence around the world raised alarm bells regarding the ability of the global food chain to respond. The Maine Gleaning Network, in an effort to salvage some of this lost income to farmers and to get food to people who need it, organized th

The Brainiacs

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Showcasing the people behind smart irrigation

Between the Rows: Let's Keep It Civil

Between the Rows

Turmoil may garner most of the attention, but it doesn’t need to reign supreme.

Essential Fertilizers Ride Coronavirus Storm

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The domino effect of the coronavirus, as it has spread across the globe, has so far had a limited impact on the fertilizer industry. However, the full effects of the global pandemic are starting to show in some sectors.

Minimizing Bruise at Harvest and in Storage

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The University of Idaho has released three new videos on potato bruise management.

Oregon Farm Debuts Chip Line


A new farmer-owned potato chip line is hitting store shelves this summer. SpudLove Snacks’ new potato chip line is made from organic potatoes grown at Threemile Canyon Farms in Boardman, Ore.

Low-tech Tool Helps Fight Late Blight


The International Potato Center (CIP), in partnership with research and development institutions in Ecuador and Peru, has developed a low-tech tool to help farmers optimize fungicide use.

Working Women: The Backbone of Family Farms


The role of women in farming continues to evolve. The added stress of working off the farm while balancing traditional responsibilities can be difficult to manage.

Alberta Producers Optimistic about Harvest Despite Pandemic


Alberta potato growers are banking on a healthy harvest after COVID-19 decimated their supply system this spring.

Drexel Adds to Sales Team


Drexel Chemical Company announces the addition of Steven Martin as its mid-South sales representative.

Between the Rows: Well, That Was a Mistake

Between the Rows

But at least you had the freedom to make it.

Little Helpers

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How microbes can bring us into the future

Calendar: Soil Health Institute Annual Meeting

Event Calendar

The non-profit organization’s virtual meeting July 30-July 31 will provide the latest information on how soil health influences carbon dynamics, water cycling, soil microbiology and on-farm economics.

Share Your Smart Irrigation Story

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As we celebrate the people behind smart irrigation, your story deserves to be told.