Colorado Potato Banner Brings Consumer Attention


In one month, one banner on one over-the-road shipping trailer has brought nice attention the Colorado potatoes.

Colorado Potato Prices Hold Despite So-So Demand


San Luis Valley potato planting is on schedule this spring. Weather has not delayed planting as it has for growers in the Northwest.

Opinion: Ag Faces a Scientific Innovation Drought


Agricultural research and development funding has an estimated return on investment of 20 to 1. But the federal government’s support for the scientific innovation needed by this sector has run dry, and our farmers have lost ground to overseas competitors.

Growers Show Resilience in Overcoming Natural Disasters


When Mother Nature dealt out natural disasters over the past year, rural communities responded with resilience.

Reducing Irrigation Costs

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Tips for reducing irrigation costs while keeping yields and returns up.

AgriClime Creates Confidence to Invest in a Better Crop

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Participants in Syngenta's program can receive up to 30 percent cash back on qualifying Syngenta products, if certain weather thresholds are not met during the offer period.

Dealing with Surviving Volunteer Potatoes

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Begin scouting for volunteer potatoes which may serve as possible sources of late blight inoculum. There is a high risk of survival throughout several states.

Helping Potatoes Deal with Heat


German researchers have discovered a genetic method to help potato plants deal with high heat.

Innovations for a Shrinking Agricultural Workforce


As the labor supply to U.S. farms continues to contract, farmers will have to invest in labor-saving technologies if they wish to remain competitive in a global economy.

Premier Crop Systems Maximizes Field Profitability

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Do you know how much it costs you to raise a bushel of grain or hundredweight of potatoes in each unique part of your field—that is, as your productivity changes across the field?

Now Is the Time to Destroy Cull Potatoes


If left untended, last year's cull potatoes can be sources of current-season disease, insect pest and nuisance problems. For example, cull potatoes can harbor the pathogen that causes late blight and be a home for virus-carrying aphids.

Western Hemisphere Ag Leaders Issue Joint Statement


Western Hemisphere agriculture leaders met Sunday on the margins of the G-20 Agricultural Ministerial in Niigata, Japan, affirming their intent to work together to champion global food security and agricultural trade on the basis of sound science and risk

Producers Upset at House Ag Hearing on Rural Economy


Members of a House Agriculture subcommittee and farmers who were testifying Thursday at a hearing on the state of the farm economy expressed frustration over disaster aid and the tariffs that the Trump administration has imposed that resulted in retaliato

Blending Varieties on the Rise


Different potato cultivars are often combined during the food manufacturing process to get specialty mixes for unique products. Getting the blending right not only determines the look of the end product, but can impact the texture, taste and durability.

Calendar: UI Crops, Soils & Technology Field Day

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The University of Idaho Parma Research & Extension Center will host this interactive field day on June 7.

What is Farming, Really?


Much more than just playing in the dirt