Lying Dormant

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Understanding how your storage practices affect tuber dormancy

WSU to Lead National AI Ag Research Institute


With a new $20 million federal grant, Washington State University will lead a multi-institutional research institute to develop AI solutions to tackle some of agriculture’s biggest challenges.

Weed Electrocution Research Sparks Interest

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As more weeds develop resistance to herbicides, electrocution hold potential as a primary weed management approach of the future.

Total U.S. Second-Quarter Potato Sales Down


During April to June 2021, potato sales declined in dollars by 10.5 percent and in volume by 15.5 percent compared to the same time period in 2020.

Potato Milk on the Way?


Potato milk is a thing now. You can't buy it in the U.S., but more and more people are making the sustainable drink themselves at home.

Arrowhead Potato Partners with ProSource


Rupert, Idaho-based potato grower-shipper Arrowhead Potato Co. and ProSource Produce LLC have entered an exclusive sales and marketing agreement.

Prices May Rise as Western Farmers Contend with Drought


Pacific Northwest lawmakers say the federal government isn’t providing enough financial assistance to the regions farmers and ranchers, many of whom are reeling from the impacts of extreme weather events.

The Need for Nuance in Carb Recommendations


A new perspective piece brings to light the pressing need to define carbohydrate quality to better assess the value of nutrient-dense carbohydrate-containing foods Such as potatoes in healthy lifestyles.

Calendar: Texas A&M Potato Breeding Field Day

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July 28 in Springlake, Texas

Maximize Potato Yield by Managing White Mold

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The white mold pathogen is prevalent across the Pacific Northwest, Upper Midwest and Northeast regions.

50 for 50: Lindsay Corporation

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For more than 50 years, Lindsay has been a pioneer provider of irrigation and water management solutions. The company's portfolio of industry-leading products and services helps conserve resources, increase yields and benefis growers worldwide.

Lamb Weston Makes Investment in Idaho Processing Line


Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. on Thursday announced a$415 million expansion of french fry processing capacity at its facility in American Falls, Idaho.

Western Drought Making Farmers' Jobs Even Harder

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Severe drought in the West is forcing many farmers and ranchers to make the toughest of choices: selling their livestock and destroying crops.

RNA Tweak Boosts Potato, Rice Yields


Researchers have shown that manipulating RNA in plants can drastically boost the amount of food they produce, and make them more resistant to drought conditions.

1,4Group Considering Plant Construction in Louisiana


The Idaho-based manufacturer is considering building a $35 million chemical processing plant in Ascension Parish, La., near Baton Rouge.

50 for 50 Reinke Manufacturing

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As the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of center pivot and lateral-move irrigation systems, Reinke continues to be a leader in the irrigation industry.