Underground Defenses

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Investigating how 1,3-D fumigation affects the soil microbial community

New Product: Kuhn Krause Excelerator XT 8010 Vertical Tillage System

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The new Excelerator XT 8010 provides producers with a versatile and productive high-speed vertical tillage tool that is proficient in either fall or spring tillage applications.

U.S. Chipping Potatoes Given Year-Round Access to Japan


Announcement deepens relationship with largest trading partner

Reinke Acquires Ace Irrigation & Manufacturing

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Reinke Manufacturing announces the acquisition of Ace Irrigation & Manufacturing to expand its manufacturing operation.

Between the Rows: The Ties That Bind

Between the Rows

Appreciating the irritating, exasperating blessing that is family

International Potato Technology Expo


Feb. 21-22 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Valley, Cordoba Partner to Develop Precision Application Solutions

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Valley Irrigation announces a partnership with Cordoba Technologies, Inc., an innovator in automated, high-precision application systems for crop protection products.

Nachurs Alpine Solutions Receives Patents for Acetate Technology

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This technology is a method of fertilizing an agricultural crop using an environmentally friendly and versatile high-potassium-content liquid fertilizer. Specifically, these patents pertain to the use and application of potassium acetate, either alone or

BioSafe’s BioCeres WP Now Available in California

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BioSafe Systems announces BioCeres WP is now available in California. This product is an insect-pathogenic biopesticide using the Beauveria bassiana fungus. This OMRI-listed, ANT-03 strain is ideal for integrated pest management programs.

New Product: Lindsay Zimmatic Poly Pipe

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Lindsay Corporation announces the global release of new Zimmatic poly pipe for its center pivot irrigation systems, designed for growers who irrigate in corrosive water environments.

ARC/Charleston|Orwig Accepting Scholarship Applications


Each year, one college student studying agricultural communications and public relations is awarded a $1,500 scholarship. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 15, 2020.

Calendar: International Potato Technology Expo

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Feb. 21-22 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Are All Sources of Carbohydrates Created Equal?


Study shows daily potato intake leads to better diet quality compared to refined grains

Potato Sustainability Alliance to Carry Industry Forward


The new Potato Sustainability Alliance is a platform for farmers, supply chain partners, industry organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities and advisors to work together to define, measure and advance potato sustainability in the U.S. an

Maine Awarded $550K for Potato Breeding Research

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University of Maine Cooperative Extension Potato Integrated Pest Management program has been awarded $553,486 to conduct further research on potato breeding.