Study: Potatoes as Effective as Carb Gels for Athletic Performance


According to a new study, consuming potatoes may be just as effective as popular carbohydrate gels for an athlete's performance.

Cal-Ore Keeps Pace with Potato Consumers


Boxing potatoes decades ago wouldn’t necessarily have been a storage strategy for Sid Staunton and Cal-Ore, but this is 2019. The operation is working to expand on a boxing storage strategy that produces a higher-quality product.

Farm Bureau: Seeding Rural Resilience Act Will Help Producers


The Seeding Rural Resilience Act creates three initiatives aimed at promoting mental health awareness in rural America.

New Product: Boss HTX V-Plow

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The HTX V-plow brings all the power and innovation of Boss V-plows to light-duty and half-ton pickup trucks.

New Product: Kuhn MDS .2 Series Twin-Disc Fertilizer Spreaders

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Designed for a wide variety of crop operations, the Kuhn MDS .2 Series offers many features and options to help operators succeed in almost any broadcast fertilizer or cover crop application.

Michigan Farm Bureau Expects Record Lows for Crops


If projections are fulfilled, many of the state's producers will see a low turnout of several crops this season.

FMC’s Coen Named to ARA Exec Committee


FMC commercial director Christina Coen will represent crop protection and seed supplier members.

Differentiating in Produce through Packaging


Packaging can help keep produce safe from bruising and contamination, tell a brand story and help producers differentiate their product from their competitors in a variety of other ways.

How Cover Crops Can Help Environment & Produce More Potatoes


The P.E.I. Potato Board, potato growers and watershed groups across the island are teaming up on some new research about cover crops this fall. Sixteen field trials are currently underway across the province.

Keep Your Weed Seed Bank Account Low

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There are still some tried and true methods growers can incorporate to maximize outputs. Weed seed bank management is one such tool that should be a top focus as we approach this year’s corn and soybean harvest.

Idaho's 2018 Ag Value Released by USDA


Value of Idaho’s 2018 agricultural production totaled $7.69 billion, up 3 percent from the previous year’s value.

New Product: Massey Ferguson 5700 Global Series Tractors

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These durable workhorses, equipped with Dyna-4 transmission, provide operators with greater efficiency.

Preserve Quality in Storage with Effective Fungicides

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The first 10 to 14 days of storage are critical for quality preservation of a potato crop. During this time, risk of disease infection through minor damage sustained during harvest threatens to reduce tuber marketability and weight.

Don't Cut Corners with Cheap Herbicides

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It’s all about the bottom line, and in times like these it can be tempting to rationalize that by spending less on herbicides. But, as the saying goes, “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.”

New Product: Valley Insights

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Valley Insights, powered by Prospera, uses AI to detect crop health and irrigation concerns early.

Varner Joins Vive Crop Protection

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Vive Crop Protection announces that Mark Varner has joined the Vive team as key account manager.