Idaho Ag All Star Legislators Named

Published online: May 18, 2024 Articles
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Fifty-three legislators were named Ag All Stars by Food Producers of Idaho based upon their voting records on select pieces of legislation in the 2024 Idaho Legislative session.  

Food Producers of Idaho, representing over 45 different agriculture commodity and farm organizations in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, annually honors legislators for their voting record on issues supported or opposed by the organization. According to Executive Director Rick Waitley, the first year a legislator is honored, the award is an ag license plate that reads, “AL STR.” Each year after the initial award, a smaller plate with that year engraved on it is presented to each honoree. 

Ag All Star legislators are important to Idaho’s agriculture and natural resource industries. The award has been presented for the last 25 legislative sessions. Every bill that is identified as a tracked issue by the Food Producers organization may be a bill that will be used on the organization’s scorecard at the end of the session. The following were recognized as 2024 Food Producers of Idaho Ag All Stars:  

BOISE                      James "Rick" Just

BOISE                      Janie Ward-Engelking

BOISE                      Chuck Winder

BURLEY                    Kelly Anthon

EAGLE                       C. Scott Grow

FRUITLAND             Abby Lee 

IDAHO FALLS      Kevin Cook

IDAHO FALLS      Dave Lent 

MCCAMMON           Jim Guthrie

MERIDIAN               Treg Bernt

MOUNTAIN HOME Geoff Schroeder

NAMPA                   Todd Lakey

PINGREE                  Julie VanOrden

POCATELLO         James Ruchti

REXBURG                Doug Ricks

SODA SPRINGS       Mark Harris

TERRETON               Van Burtenshaw

TWIN FALLS        Linda Wright Hartgen 


AMMON                    Josh Wheeler

BELLEVUE           Ned Burns

BOISE                     Todd Achilles (Nash)

BOISE                     Sonia Galaviz

BOISE                     John Gannon

BOISE                     Brooke Green

BOISE                     Chris Mathias

BOISE                     Lauren Necochea

BOISE                     Ilana Rubel

BURLEY                    Clay Handy

CALDWELL          Christopher Allgood

CALDWELL          Julie Yamamoto

CLIFTON               Dan Garner

FAIRFIELD           Steve Miller

HAMMETT               Megan Blanksma

IDAHO FALLS    Marco Erickson

IDAHO FALLS    Stephanie Mickelsen

JEROME                 Jack Nelsen 

KIMBERLY              Chenele Dixon 

KUNA                      Melissa Durrant 

LEWISTON         Lori McCann 

MENAN                  Jerald Raymond 

MERIDIAN         James Petzke 

MOUNTAIN HOME Matthew Bundy 

NAMPA                Jeff Cornilles 

NAMPA                Kenny Wroten 

POCATELLO      Richard "Rick" Cheatum

POCATELLO      Dustin Manwaring 

POCATELLO      Nate Roberts 

REXBURG             Britt Raybould 

REXBURG             Jon Weber 

RIGBY                    Rod Furniss 

SANDPOINT          Mark Sauter 

TWIN FALLS     Lance Clow 

TWIN FALLS     Greg Lanting