Yellow Potatoes Now Make Up 40 Percent Of Red River Valley's Fresh Potato Crop Production

Published online: Nov 09, 2023 Articles Ted Kreis, Northland Potato Growers Association
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The fresh growers in the Red River Valley have long been known for their red potatoes. In fact, the valley has long been, and still is, the leader in red potato production in the nation, but the Red River Valley has quietly become one of the biggest yellow potato producers in the nation also.

Consumer preferences have created a gradual but steady increase in yellow potato demand for well over a decade in the United States. Growers have had to adjust what colors they plant to meet these preferences. Unfortunately yellow demand has come at the expense of other colors including russets, reds and whites.

Fifteen years ago (2008) the Red River Valley only raised about 120,000 hundredweight (cwt) of yellow potatoes, or roughly 3 percent of the fresh crop. This year the valley topped 1.7 million cwt of yellow potatoes which represents about 40 percent of the fresh crop!

Nobody seems to know how long this trend will continue or if it will ever level off or recede. Many have predicted it would slow in previous years, but so far those predictions have all been wrong.