Fresh From The Start Expanding Mini Potato Program

Published online: Mar 24, 2023 Articles
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Fresh from the Start, a fourth-generation family-owned produce company with operations that span the East Coast, is expanding its potato portfolio this year with increased production of its mini potato program. The expansion follows a successful first year in 2022.

FFTS will begin harvest in early April from its 450 acres of mini potatoes in Florida. The bite-sized potatoes are grown to four different sizes and come in red, yellow and purple varieties.

The company said the success of the program is based on several factors. First, it utilizes only proprietary seeds that are grown within its network of family-owned farms. It also has an in-house agronomist who oversees the crop throughout the growing process. Finally, the potatoes are washed, sized, graded and packed across its five facilities along the East Coast, enabling fast and efficient distribution to its retail customers.

“We’re constantly tweaking our supply chain to have a better year two,” said Jamey Friedman of Fresh from the Start. “The fact is, this is the hottest and most convenient item for folks cooking at home, and we’re ready to meet the demand.”

To help support the program, FFTS is introducing a new bin sleeve program, a high-graphic sleeve that fits over a 24-inch three-ply bin that holds 200 three-pound bags. The bin can be all yellow, all red or a combination of the two.

FFTS is expecting high demand of its mini potatoes due to a tight market, in part because of a freeze in California that affected production.