Education, Training On AMVAC GreenSolutions Featured on AMVAC Academy

Opportunity for farmers and advisers to increase and test knowledge about biologicals

Published online: Dec 13, 2022 Articles
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Newport Beach, Calif. — Technical and product information about the use of GreenSolutions biologicals from AMVAC is featured on AMVAC Academy, a new online learning management system (LMS) for continuing education and training launched in October 2022.

AMVAC Academy’s GreenSolutions course category features four major learning modules:

  • Introduction to Biological Products – covering soil layers, soil and plant relationship, the value of biological support, and AMVAC biological solutions
  • B Sure Biological, Nutrient Solution
  • iNvigorate Biological
  • UpLift Biological

Each self-guided module for B Sure, iNvigorate, and UpLift walks registered users through a product description; explores the threats that crops face along with solutions; product features and benefits; product use, handling, and application; and examples of product performance (results, trials, and testimonials).

Additionally, each module concludes with a self-guided quiz which allow users to test their knowledge of the subject matter reviewed, log their test scores as they advance through modules and subject areas, and provide proof of participation.

“GreenSolutions learning modules at AMVAC Academy are incisive and detailed and provide users a great primer on how to use AMVAC’s biologicals,” said Ted Walter, GreenSolutions Marketing Manager, AMVAC. “Because biologicals are relatively newer to farmers and their advisers, technical education about how they work and how to use them is every bit as important as for traditional crop inputs. We’re pleased to offer this learning opportunity as a complement to AMVAC’s growing lineup of GreenSolutions.”

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