AMVAC GreenSolutions Surpasses 1.2 Million Acres Treated in 2022

GreenSolutions biological product portfolio supports North American growers

Published online: Dec 18, 2022 Articles
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Newport Beach, Calif.  – AMVAC, a global technology solutions provider in agriculture, surpassed 1.2 million acres treated with GreenSolutions in North America in 2022, a new milestone for the company.

GreenSolutions is a biological platform of biorational and specialty nutritional products, ranging from crop protection, nutrient and fertility solutions to biological seed lubricants. Accompanying the 1.2 million acres treated benchmark, AMVAC is on track to achieve $140 million in GreenSolutions sales by 2025.

“We are proud of the incredible progress our GreenSolutions offerings have made in the biological crop protection mark and surpassing 1.2 million treated acres is a significant milestone,” said Ted Walter, U.S. GreenSolutions Marketing Manager, AMVAC. “AMVAC is fortunate to have two North American manufacturing facilities in Clackamas, Oregon, and Sonora, Mexico, allowing us to provide reliable, cost-effective options to growers.”

Distributed by AMVAC and retail partners in the U.S., the GreenSolutions product portfolio includes: B Sure, a nutrient solution improving plant metabolism; BioWake for Corn and BioWake for Soybeans, biological seed lubricants delivering superior seed flow and enhanced seed vigor; Plus 1.2 percent ME Ecozin, a bioinsecticide approved for organic farming; iNvigorate, which creates a highly productive microbial community to assist with nutrient uptake and fertilizer efficiency; SmartBlock, a plant growth regulator; and UpLift, a fertility solution increasing crop productivity and supporting soil vigor.

“The past year has brought many exciting changes for the GreenSolutions segment, including the addition of BioWake for the 2023 growing season,” said Walter. “The BioWake products are an all-in-one planter box solution including beneficial microbes that will provide an advantage for corn and soybean growers from the day of planting.”

In 2022, AMVAC GreenSolutions also launched training modules within the AMVAC Academy learning management system to offer a complementary educational opportunity for farmers and their advisors on biological products.

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