Four More Big Players Join “Farmer-Centric” Research On Biologicals

Meristem, BASF, Indigo, Pivot Bio team up With Stratovation, ARA, TFI, DCLRS “To Dig Deeper”

Published online: Jul 30, 2022 Articles
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Columbus, Ohio (AgPR) – “Biologicals: Farmer Value, Perception and Potential,” a comprehensive market research effort focused on understanding farmer opinions on the current use, issues and potential for biologicals at field-level, now has major agribusiness support to match participation already gained from industry associations.

“We’re pleased to announce that Meristem, BASF. Indigo and Pivot Bio are teaming with us to dig deeper,” Cam Camfield, Founder and CEO of Stratovation Group, said. “More thoughtful input from a variety of players at the front end will help us get better data throughout the study. And better data will drive better planning and results for every organization involved.”

“Biologicals: Farmer Value, Perception and Potential” is set to kick off in 2022 and occur annually. Conducted by Stratovation Group in close collaboration with the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), DC Legislative and Regulatory Services (DCLRS) and The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), the repeating study will benchmark adoption and attitudes around farm use of biologicals and aid those seeking to grow and develop the market category.

"Ag biological products are a significant business interest for many DCLRS clients and are increasingly drawing attention from governments at both Federal and states levels--our collaboration on this study will help bring commercial interests and government into better alignment," David Beaudreau, DCLRS Senior Vice President, said.  

While there are other reports that may help in broad trend analysis, Camfield said they lack the farmer voice. “In contrast, this will be a farmer-centric study. Farmers are the center of our world and it’s time for the market to listen to them more – seek to understand the good, the bad and the ugly at field-level,” he said.

Camfield stressed that those interested in joining the effort to produce the “Biologicals: Farmer Value, Perception and Potential” annual report can become a sponsoring partner and share in all the findings, including the raw data. “It’s good for us to have more voices involved to inform this study,” he said. “We are gearing up for excellence and inviting any biological-focused company, startup, investor and others to join us,” he said.

Those interested may connect with Camfield and Stratovation Group at