Valmont Opens Two Offices in Latin America

Published online: Nov 12, 2021 Articles, Irrigation
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Valmont Irrigation, the manufacturer of the Valley brand of irrigation equipment, is strengthening its presence around the globe, announcing the opening of two new strategic offices in São PauloBrazil, and MonterreyMexico.

São Paulo

Renato Silva, general manager of Valmont Irrigation in Brazil, says the new offices will make doing business easier and more efficient for customers.

São Paulo is known as the financial capital of Brazil,” he says. “Our key customers have their main offices there, so this new space will enable us to meet with them more frequently and easily.”

In addition, Silva notes that the new location will save global customers time and expense. “The new Brazilian headquarters is located in one of the most important districts of São Paulo, less than 35 kilometers from Guarulhos International Airport, a significant hub. This will further benefit our customers by enabling Valley dealers from all parts of Brazil to meet here, collaborate, and further their industry-leading service and technology training.”


Similarly, Monterrey is one of the most important financial and industrial cities in Mexico, and is geographically nearer to the U.S., making it an ideal place for a new Valmont Irrigation office. The new office has the additional advantage of being located within a Valmont Utility manufacturing facility.

With the new office, Valmont will continue to help growers produce food more efficiently and sustainably, says André Ribeiro, general manager of Valley Latin America.

“This new location will bring us closer to customers and distributors, and enable us to continue development of precision irrigated agriculture and the use of solar power in Mexico and Latin America,” Ribeiro says.

Just like the São Paulo office, the Monterrey location consists of a modern space with showrooms for Valley solutions. The site will also be used for training and development, continually improving the quality of service offered to Latin American customers. Plus, Ribeiro adds, Monterrey will have a permanent stock of Valley Genuine Parts ready to ship to customers, reducing delivery times in a period when the pandemic continues to impact the global supply chain.

The Leader in Latin America—and the World

João Rebequi, vice president of Valmont Latin America, emphasizes the region’s importance.

“The growth potential of irrigated agriculture throughout Latin America is immense,” he says. “We are confident that bringing all links in the chain closer together, in strategic hubs, will expand our brand and drive adoption of our industry-leading technological solutions for sustainable agriculture, precision irrigation and renewable energy. In addition to the Latin American business community, these two new offices strengthen our global footprint.”