Idaho Potato Commission Launches Newest TV Commercial

Published online: Sep 30, 2021 Articles
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Source: Perishable News

Despite an international pandemic, Farmer Mark’s obsession with the Big Idaho Potato Truck is stronger than ever, as evidenced in the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) newest national television commercial, aptly named “Hobbies.” The IPC premiered its twelfth commercial featuring the Big Idaho Potato Truck and Farmer Mark during ESPN’s live broadcast of Boise State University’s football season opener against the University of Central Florida on Thursday, September 2, 2021. 

“Debuting the commercial during Boise State’s first game is now a tradition,” explained Frank Muir, president and CEO of the IPC. “As a longtime sponsor of the Broncos, the fans look forward to being the first to see what crazy antics Mark will pull next in an effort to find the Truck and its adventurous Tater Team.”   

The commercial also aired on FS1 during Boise State’s first two home games against UTEP on Sept. 10 and Oklahoma State on Sept. 18. It will begin airing nationwide in October on Fox News, CNN, Headline News, Food Network, Hallmark, Discovery, OWN, and National Geographic, as well as streaming platforms Discovery Go and Hulu. It will run through mid-March 2022. 

The commercial is strategically scheduled to air during the months when the Truck is not traveling allowing the IPC to cost-effectively build a year-round national advertising campaign.

“Hobbies” continues to center on Farmer Mark’s ongoing search for the Big Idaho Potato Truck. Finding a lot of time on his hands during the pandemic Mark smartly occupies his time with new hobbies – all Idaho Potato Truck related, of course. See what happens by viewing the commercial on IPC’s YouTube Channel.