Monitor Flying Insects to Improve Management

Published online: Mar 05, 2021 Articles, Insecticide Jason Thomas, Extension Educator & Entomologist, University of Idaho
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Do you know what types of insects are entering your field and garden at different times of the year? Would you like more information to help you decide when to implement pest control actions? University of Idaho Extension just recently released this five-minute video (as seen above) to demonstrate a way to monitor for flying insects entering your crop or garden.

Monitoring insects entering your field/garden can help you know when to take specific control actions. For example, in seed potato production it is a critical practice to help us monitor when aphids potentially harboring viruses enter a field. The traps do most of the work for you. You just have to check it every so often and maintain it over the growing season. Utilizing traps can be a helpful way to implement integrated pest management into your operation.

For other insect trapping/monitoring ideas the following demonstrational videos may be helpful: