Maine Grower Debuts New Red Variety at Retail

Published online: Nov 13, 2020 Articles, Smorgasbord
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Source: The Packer

In the fall of 2019, Green Thumb Farms launched the “Farmer’s First” program to develop new potato varieties for retailers – and to help consumers discover new products that work well in their kitchens. Last year, Green Thumb partnered with Hannaford to develop the Queen Anne potato. This year they’re partnering with Hannaford again to introduce Fenway Reds, a variety that’s new to Maine.

Fenway Reds are a unique red potato; while many red varieties are oblong in shape, Fenway Reds are round and consistent. In fact, this variety is the roundest red potato ever grown at Green Thumb Farms. Some soil conditions aren’t good for cultivating round reds, but Green Thumb’s sandy soils combined with the Mount Washington Valley microclimate suited Fenway Reds perfectly.

Fenway Reds also have a firm, velvety texture that stands up to heat, which makes it excellent for pan-frying, mashing, and roasting and stew and chowder recipes.

“With more people cooking at home, we want folks to know that different potatoes work well for specific uses, just like with apple varieties,” said Mike Hart, director of sales and marketing at Green Thumb. “Fenway Reds have a bright red-hued skin that really pops and would look great on a holiday table.”

Fenway Reds are currently grown in Fryeburg, Maine by Green Thumb Farms and sold at Hannaford stores in New England. Two-pound bags of Fenway Reds are available starting this weekend and through the holidays – just look for the Farmer’s First label.