New Product: SUL4R-PLUS Fertilizer

Published online: Feb 10, 2020 Articles, Fertilizer, New Products
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SUL4R-PLUS, LLC, a provider of innovative agricultural fertilizer products, announces the results of a recent field trial on potato crops, using a potent ratio of sulfate and soluble calcium delivered in a patented sustained-release, plant-available method.

In multiple tests, Idaho potatoes showed yield increases of about 10 hundredweight per acre as well as a two-thirds reduction in hollow heart disease, when using 100 pounds per acre of SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer during or prior to tuber initiation. The health results are notable, as plant nutrition—in particular, the level of pre-growth calcium—has been directly linked to better plant health.

SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer is a great source of plant-available forms of sulfate sulfur and soluble calcium with a low salt index. It offers an economical, immediately available, and seasonally sustained release of sulfate and calcium, proven to match crop uptake.

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