New Product: Westbridge DART Fungicide EC

Published online: Mar 25, 2019 Articles, Fungicide, New Products
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Westbridge Agricultural Products announces that the EPA has approved the registration of its DART Fungicide EC for control of a wide range of fruit and vegetable diseases. In four years of university trials, the proprietary, patented technology in DART has demonstrated excellent control of diseases such as powdery mildew, downy mildew, Botryosphaeria, Alternaria (late blight), mummy berry, Phomopsis, Anthracnose canker, and apple and pear scab.

DART is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide that has been OMRI- and NOP-approved for use in certified organic crop production. DART’s unique formulation is an emulsifiable concentrate that helps improve crop quality by effectively controlling diseases that can negatively impact crop yield.

DART is exempt from maximum residue limits (MRLs), and there is no pre-harvest interval, so it can be used throughout the growing season up to day of harvest. DART is an ideal IPM candidate to rotate with other fungicides to combat resistance.

Since 1982, Westbridge has been at the forefront of developing effective plant nutrients, biopesticides and specialty inputs for both organic and conventional farming. Growers have come to rely on Westbridge products to be highly targeted and safe for workers, consumers and the environment.

“The addition of DART Fungicide to our product lineup is very exciting,” says Westbridge president Tina Koenemann. “Our goal is to continually provide growers with new and effective products designed to keep up with today’s ever-changing crop production challenges. DART gives growers another effective tool to help manage a number of plant diseases.”

Westbridge provides a portfolio of high-quality plant nutrients and crop protection products. From its TRIGGRR, Organic BioLink, Earthtrend and SUNBurst nutritional brands to SUPPRESS Herbicide EC, Botector, Blossom Protect and DART biopesticides, Westbridge offers growers high-quality, sustainable products designed to meet today’s crop production needs.

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