Tasteful Selections Introduces Tray Products

Diverse, expanded tray line includes flavors of comfort, adventure and trending favorites

Published online: Oct 24, 2018 Articles
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Dedicated to innovation and a satisfying culinary experience, Tasteful Selections, a specialty potato brand from RPE Inc., has expanded its bite-size potato tray line offering flavors of comfort, adventure and trending favorites.

Consumers will notice appetizing new flavor options as well as a fresh packaging design.

Season & Savor bite-size potato trays are filled with fresh, bite-size potatoes and an individual seasoning packet that features one of five diverse, gluten-free flavors. These flavors include:

  • Garden Herb – a natural offering of garlic, parsley, red bell pepper and onion
  • Chile Verde – a bold and exotic blend of appetizing peppers and spices
  • Loaded Potato – a mouthwatering combination of cheddar, sour cream, bacon and chives
  • Korean BBQ – a tangy yet sweet pairing of ginger, sesame oil and soy
  • Country Breakfast – a harmonizing blend of flavors that will make you want breakfast for every meal

All five new seasonings offer a full-flavored experience that will leave consumers wanting more. “Our consumer is ever changing. Their flavor preferences, health-based decisions, even the way they shop,” said RPE President Russell Wysocki. “Tasteful Selections is constantly changing to meet both customer and consumer demand. Each Tasteful Selections bite-size potato tray offering,” he continued, “caters to a comforting or slightly daring food preference that we’re confident shoppers and their families will love.”

For more information, visit TastefulSelections.com.