Fact Sheets Help Growers Understand Cover Crops

Considering cover crops this winter? A fact sheet series from the University of Agriculture Division of Agriculture is now available online.

Published online: Oct 12, 2018 Articles
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Source: Plant Management Network

Row crop producers wanting to explore cover crops as a way to help save water, manage weeds and improve soil, now have the first of a series of fact sheets as a resource, said Trent Roberts, associate professor of soil fertility for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

The Division of Agriculture’s release of “Understanding Cover Crops,” coincides with the ideal planting window for many winter cover crops.

“While cover cropping is not a new concept, crop rotations, management practices and types of crops grown have changed a lot in the last 30 years,” said Roberts, the principal author. “Successfully implementing cover crops requires planning for success and the more information we can get in producer’s hands the more benefits they can realize.”

Future fact sheets will focus on specific cover crop species “and if there are any cover crops that you would like more information on please don’t hesitate to let us know,” Roberts said. Roberts can be reached at tlrobert@uark.edu.

“Understanding Cover Crops,” is available for download here.

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