U.S. Seed Growers Visit Morocco

Published online: Jul 30, 2018 Articles, Seed Potatoes
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Source: Potatoes USA

U.S. potato growers visited Morocco potato fields to see how U.S. potato varieties were performing. The visit showed that U.S. varieties are doing well in Morocco, and growers are excited to get more official data during the full harvest, which will happen soon. Attendees also visited the fields and storage facilities of several growers who attended the Potatoes USA International Seed Symposium and Reverse Trade Mission in August 2017.

Overall, it was a successful trip both for the U.S. group and Moroccan officials. Hopes remain high that Morocco will quickly approve the U.S. Pest Risk Assessment and variety registration.

U.S. seed growers who attended included Dennis Bula of Wisconsin, Jim Behrens of Minnesota, Carl Hoverson of North Dakota, and Amy Burdett and Peter Joyce from Potatoes USA.

For any questions about the trip or the Potatoes USA Seed Program, please contact Amy Burdett at Amy@PotatoesUSA.com.