OreIda Introduces Potato Pay Ad Campaign

Published online: Jul 13, 2018 Articles
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OreIda's new ad campaign aims to help parents who struggle to get their kids to eat their dinner. 

Ore-Ida knows it’s hard to get your kids to eat their dinner. Mealtime serves up tantrums and tears regularly. It usually takes some sort of bribe or game to get them to eat that one piece of broccoli. So, why change a method that we all know already works, when it can simply be renamed?

Meet Potato Pay, a new and easy way to get your children to eat their dinner. Each fry is a piece of crispy golden currency designed to be the most satisfying bribery tool possible. Just pay your child with the Ore-Ida fries they love to eat, in return for bites of the foods that they don’t. For example, one bite of chicken equals one fry, a mushroom equals three fries and a spoonful of quinoa equals five fries. Refer to the easy-to-use mealtime bribery chart, or “Frynancial Guide,” to see the fry value of various food items.

The idea for Potato Pay is simple yet powerful—mealtime is a real struggle for parents. Whether it is a bad mood or a newfound dislike of a vegetable, there are a lot of obstacles that can derail a meal or make it a battle. Ore-Ida is giving parents a little more control, so their kids can be full and happy.

To celebrate National French Fry Day and the launch of Potato Pay, Ore-Ida will be giving parents nationwide this crispy golden currency— for free this weekend only. Parents can get a free bag of Ore-Ida Golden Crinkles while supplies last using this link here.

Ore-Ida Potato Pay will be supported with a TV and digital campaign.