Website Provides Midwest Crop Management Resources

The redesigned Crop Protection Network website provides new research-based resources to help farmers and agribusiness personnel make crop management d

Published online: Feb 20, 2018 Articles Martin Chilvers, Michigan State University, Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences; Kierst
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Source: Michigan State University Extension

Farmers and agribusinesses have a new tool to help tackle crop management challenges. The Crop Protection Network, a multi-state and international collaboration of university and provincial extension specialists, including Michigan State University Extension, has redesigned its website. In addition to the corn and soybean publications it is known for, the Crop Protection Network website now offers videos, newsletter and blog articles, featured articles and Twitter updates from Crop Protection Network partners on important crop management issues.

The Crop Protection Network website also features an encyclopedia of field crop diseases designed to help farmers identify diseases using extensive image galleries and keywords to filter results.

“The new website still has all of the great Crop Protection Network content that users are familiar with, but also adds new resources and will be updated frequently,” says Kiersten Wise, University of Kentucky Extension plant pathologist and co-director of Crop Protection Network. “Our goal is to help farmers make crop management decisions with relevant and timely information.”

Over 45 extension specialists from land grant universities and Crop Protection Network partner institutions help developed content, which means stakeholders can trust the information they see on the website and in the publications is research-based.

“Farmers and agricultural personnel will be provided with information to help with decisions to protect field crops,” says Daren Mueller, Iowa State University Extension plant pathologist and co-director of Crop Protection Network. “Information on wheat management and other crops will be added in 2018, expanding resources for farmers.”

Click here to visit the new Crop Protection Network website.