John Deere Operations Center Earns Ag Data Transparent Seal

John Deere becomes an Ag Data Transparent company

Published online: Feb 23, 2018 Articles
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John Deere recently became the tenth company to certify their Operations Center's ag-data collection portal for privacy, security and transparency for farmers using this technology. Completing the Ag Data Transparent certification process—based on a third-party administered, not-for-profit evaluation—allows companies that engage in, and collect, agricultural data to align to industry-wide principles to build trust with users of ag precision technology. Among these core principles, transparency in data collection, access, use, portability, availability and retention are all required. 

“At a time when data is leading us into the future, and every piece of that data can lead a farmer toward greater profitability, we encourage companies to certify with our organization to showcase their commitment as a company to the farmers using their technology,” Beverly Paul, Board President of Ag Data Transparency Evaluator, Inc., said.

A multi-organization and company project, Ag Data Transparent was created to provide transparency, simplicity and trust to those utilizing ag precision technology where data was being collected. With the amount of data that is currently collected and utilized in the agriculture industry, ensuring proper ownership and use is a priority for companies and a concern for farmers. “Over the last two years, additional farm groups and companies have joined the Ag Data Transparent effort, broadening the scope of our efforts,” Paul added. “As the needs of our farmers continue to grow and change in a rapidly evolving market, we want to continue to expand the reach of ag data core principles.” 

“It’s valuable to have Deere take this next step as they were an important part of putting the founding principles together,” Paul noted. “Participating all the way through shows the commitment they have to data transparency.”
Companies that wish to become Ag Data Transparent certified must complete the evaluation tool and review by the third-party administrator. To see current certified companies or to learn more, visit

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