Farm Bureau Pleased with Budget's Ag Provisions

Published online: Feb 15, 2018 Articles American Farm Bureau Federation
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Source: American Farm Bureau Federation

On Feb. 9, American Farm Bureau Federation president Zippy Duvall issued the following statement regarding the budget deal reached last week by Congress and the Trump administration:

“The budget deal approved by Congress and signed by President Trump today includes a number of important agricultural provisions that will help America’s farmers and ranchers and support food security for all Americans. First, the measure assists farmers affected by natural disasters. Last year’s fires and hurricanes were devastating for many farmers. This disaster assistance is much needed so that affected producers can recover and continue to help feed, house, fuel and clothe our citizens.

“By including measures to improve policies for cotton and dairy farmers, Congress has taken important steps to address two of our biggest Farm Bill priorities. Also important was eliminating the cap on USDA livestock risk management tools to provide more options in the livestock sector.

“We appreciate the efforts of congressional Agriculture Committee leaders and congressional leadership to craft this package, secure bipartisan approval and get it signed by President Trump.”