The Smorgasbord: Smilin’ Eyes

Published online: Jan 30, 2018 Articles, Seed Potatoes, Smorgasbord
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This article appears in the February 2018 issue of Potato Grower

In this month’s Smorgasbord, we introduce you to Smilin’ Eyes, a relatively new variety released by the Tri-State potato research and breeding team. It is an outstanding yellow-fleshed, yellow-skinned round tuber with pink “smilin’ eyes.” It has excellent storage characteristics and produces light, uniform-colored fries, and exceptional flavor when baked, boiled or microwaved.

The information contained here was supplied by researchers of the Northwest Potato Variety Development Program and their collaborators, to whom we express our thanks.

For more information on Smilin’ Eyes, visit or call (541) 318-1485.


  • PA99P11-2 × Pig420 



  • Fresh market standout in early and late trials 
  • Yields higher than Yukon Gold
  • Round, attractive tubers
  • High percentage of tubers under 6 ounces
  • Long dormancy
  • Excellent flavor and culinary qualities 
  • Few or no defects
  • Medium specific gravity
  • Solid organic production choice
  • Requires medium to high levels of nitrogen
  • Medium resistance to metribuzin


Disease Ratings

  • Early dying: susceptible
  • Common scab: moderately resistant
  • PVY: resistant
  • Potato leafroll virus: susceptible
  • Net necrosis: susceptible
  • Foliar late blight: susceptible
  • Tuber late blight: susceptible
  • Rhizoctonia: sceptible