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AMVAC’s ReTurn XL provides protection above and below the ground

Published online: Jan 12, 2018 Articles AMVAC Chemical Corporation
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This article appears in the January 2018 issue of Potato Grower.

For the past three years, potato growers have had to adjust their crop protection program due to the limited supply of oxymyl-based insecticides and nematicides. AMVAC Chemical Corporation has recently entered the arena by launching ReTurn XL, an insecticide/nematicide that includes the active ingredient oxymyl, providing dependable control of nematodes, leafhoppers, potato beetles and other insects. Its formulation includes two-way foliar translaminar and soil systemic activity for above- and below-ground protection, making it an excellent pest management option for potato growers—especially those who are not able to fumigate fields early in the season.

“AMVAC will be working with distributors and retailers to ensure that the product gets into the hands of the grower in 2018,” says AMVAC marketing manager Greg Warren. “We are excited to enter the market as a reliable source of oxymyl-based insecticides and nematicides and to offer potato growers a proven crop protection tool that controls and suppresses pests while helping to improve yield.”

Providing below-ground nematode control, ReTurn XL controls Columbia root knot, lesion and stubby root nematode. Above-ground, the product provides secondary insect control and is compatible with potato psyllid control programs. It suppresses purple top and zebra chip diseases and does not cause secondary pest flares. With neonicotinoid resistance increasing, potato growers can apply ReTurn XL to control pests with resistant genes, which is especially beneficial when the timing for nematode applications aligns with Colorado potato beetle control. Applying ReTurn XL can also help further extend the crop protection benefits of seed treatments and in-furrow applications. The application promotes an overall healthier crop, allowing the plant to get off to a strong start with increased plant vigor and delayed vine senescence.

“This is a tried and true technology. The proof is in the university data and testimonials from growers who have been using oxymyl for years,” says Warren. “Potato growers know that this is an effective tool to keep the potato crop greener for a longer period of time, which correlates to better yield and quality. Adding ReTurn XL insecticide and nematicide to our lineup of crop protection products will provide potato growers with a portfolio of solutions to help keep their crop healthier and help increase their return on investment.”

ReTurn XL insecticide/nematicide joins AMVAC’s extensive potato portfolio. The portfolio includes Vapam HL and K-Pam HL soil fumigants for suppression of weeds, disease and nematodes in the spring and fall seasons. ReTurn XL insecticide/nematicide complements the product lineup by providing in-season nematode control. In addition, AMVAC offers additional potato solutions, including Abba Ultra miticide/insecticide as well as fungicides, including Blocker and Equus.



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ReTurn XL is a trademark of Rotam Agrochem International Company Ltd.