The Smorgasbord: Sierra Rose

Published online: Jun 29, 2017 Smorgasbord
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In this month’s Smorgasbord, we take a look at Sierra Rose, a gourmet yellow flesh/red skin potato for the specialty market, developed by Texas A&M University and Texas A&M AgriLife Research. In production and culinary quality, Sierra Rose compares favorably to Yukon Gold and Red La Soda.


  • A90601RDY × Mazama


  • Strengths 
    High yields of 4- to 6-ounce tubers; does not tend to oversize
  • Attractive oblong tubers with red skin with yellow flesh
  • Fresh market quality similar to Yukon Gold.
  • Similar baking, boiling, and microwave results to Red LaSoda and Yukon Gold


Key Characteristics

  • Medium vine, medium open plant type, semi-erect growth
  • Early maturity
  • Higher stem number and tubers per plant
  • Slightly longer tubers than Yukon Gold or Red LaSoda, but similar uniformity
  • Attractive yellow flesh
  • Low total glycoalkaloids
  • Medium yield (higher than Yukon Gold; lower than Red LaSoda)
  • Slightly spreading vine, not sensitive to metribuzin application
  • Medium dormancy


Disease Resistance

  • Susceptible to foliar late blight, slightly less susceptible to tuber late blight
  • Susceptible to potato leafroll virus, potato virus X, potato virus Y, potato virus S and early die
  • Moderately susceptible to Verticilium, early blight, common scab and Rhizoctonia

Seed Availability

  • Production contracts may be available from Cal-Ore Seed, Inc. in Oakdale, Calif.