Harvest Equipment Buyers' Guide

Published online: May 26, 2017 New Products, Potato Equipment, Potato Harvesting
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It may seem a ways off now, but before you know it, it’ll be time to get those spuds out of the ground. Harvest is the most exciting—and undoubtedly busiest—time of the year for growers. When the time comes, you’ll want to be sure to be prepared with quality, reliable equipment that will take care of fruits of your labors.

This buyers' guide appears in the June 2017 issue of Potato Grower.

Advanced Farm Equipment

(989) 268-5711



Wrap-A-Round Harvester

The four-row Wrap-A-Round harvester from Advanced Farm Equipment (the manufacturer of Lenco equipment) features primary and secondary chains, an AFE table with stars, two adjustable smooth rollers, a full-width vine belt with blowers, and a cross conveyor with distribution stars on all turns. A-high powered vine blower is situated in the front left corner for cleaning vines. The Wrap-A-Round also has a 70-bag bin for switching trucks on the go. This harvester digs quickly and cleanly with minimal bruising to the product. It is designed with operator comfort in mind for optimal view of the product flowing through the machine.

Crary / Lockwood

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Lockwood 656 Windrower

Growers can help minimize bruising and increase harvest capacity with Lockwood’s 656 windrower. The 656’s heavy-duty, parallel link trailing third coulters cut through potato vines. Engineering with no steering tie-rod eliminates vine buildup on machine, and the pressure-relieved coulter design allows for more protection and movement. Larger tires improve flotation, pressure-sensing support wheels allow for better depth control, and steerable rear wheels allow for shorter turns.

Rear wheel lift allows for steeper angles on the primary and secondary for increased cleaning. An adjustable rear lift allows the operator to raise or lower the rear of the machine to accommodate changing conditions. Variable speed hydraulic drive on the rear cross helps minimize bruising, and potatoes can be discharge on either the right or left side of the machine to fit growers’ specific needs. The 656 fits 34- to 38-inch row planters.

Dewulf Group



RA2060 Harvester

This offset harvester is a true high-capacity machine in the two-row trailed potato harvester segment and is available in six different versions. The RA2060 makes use of three sieving conveyors, a lower hedgehog unit, a cleaning unit (axial, easy-clean or a sieving module) and an upper hedgehog unit. The R2060 has the largest tire size in its class, keeping ground pressure to an absolute minimum. The harvester is fitted standard with a large bunker capable of unloading on the move.

Kwatro Self-propelled Harvester

The Dewulf Kwatro harvester was the first four-row machine on the market that combined frontal harvesting with a traditional sieving path, hedgehog belt and cleaning modules. The 3-foot-wide tracks and large rear wheel guarantee minimum soil compaction.



The R3060 has become a pioneer in the two-row self-propelled sieving harvester segment. Owing to its modular construction, the harvester is available in nine versions. This harvester is equipped with three sieving conveyors, a lower hedgehog unit, a cleaning unit (axial, easy-clean or a sieving module) and an upper hedgehog unit. An optional, quickly interchangeable system for the harvesting unit makes it quick and easy to switch between driven discs or an onion harvesting kit.


Double L

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6500 Series Windrower

Double L’s 6500 series windrowers are designed to meet the high expectations of the potato industry. A longer secondary chain has raised the bar on speed and capacity. This unique feature gives the 6500 series windrower industry-leading performance.

The 6500’s turning radius has been decreased by positioning the wheels underneath the machine, rather than at the rear. This feature also gives growers a better way to manage their headlands because an operator can back over ditches, mainlines and other obstructions without the risk of damage. 

The 6500 low tongue weight lightens the load on the tractor’s drawbar and balances the vertical load of the machine on the axle. Double L engineers included 70-inch-wide chain instead of the industry standard 69-inch, effectively increasing the cleaning area and product flow. 


Double M Ag & Irrigation

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Elite Red Roller

Double M Ag & Irrigation’s Elite Red Roller is produced with long-lasting internal seals, meaning less dirt adheres to the roller and roller life is extended with reduced debris buildup. This combination provides customers with the most elite roller product in the industry with Double M’s proprietary urethane blend.


(519) 669-4698




By automating the record-keeping jobs and precisely logging data for harvest dates, times and locations and where each load is located in storages, the RiteTrace system offers a clear and straightforward method for linking stored produce back to locations in the fields, fulfilling many traceability requirements. It also offers agronomic benefits in allowing growers to track quality in storage back to the field. Reports can be reviewed or made available to shippers and buyers. Data can be used to study and report on efficiencies and traffic flow.

RiteTrace is available as a stand-alone system but can also be purchased in combination with a RiteYield yield monitor. Optional ISOBUS compatibility is available for users who prefer to use their in-cab displays (e.g. John Deere 2630) to view and access the RiteTrace menus. Please visit for further details.



Greentronics yield monitor systems are easy to implement on potato, carrot, onion, tomato, beet, squash, grape, leafy herbs, and a variety of other vegetable harvesters. It is built around one or more load cells, which are installed in a conveyor belt to measure the weight of the crop as it passes on the belt. Growers use yield maps to study and manage variability in their fields and to generate report cards on their progress.

Greentronics recently added integration with John Deere GS3 2630 displays to its RiteYield yield monitor. The 2630 displays and stores yield data in real time and is capable of wireless data transmission using John Deere data technologies. Integration to Trimble FMX and TMX displays has been available for some time.

Kerian Machines Inc.

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Kerian Speed Sizer

The Kerian Speed Sizer gently and accurately sorts potatoes by size. It is affordable and proven in use for both round and russet potatoes. With 13 different standard models, the Kerian Speed Sizer can fit just about any application, whether it is a small packing line or a large processing plant. Constantly rotating rollers provide consistent and precise sizing that is fast, gentle, accurate and easily adjustable. All-stainless steel models and stainless steel contact points are also available.  


Mayo Manufacturing

(208) 520-7049            



Surge Hopper Unloader 

Mayo’s Surge hopper unloader provides the most gentle unloading and the most consistent, even flow to the elimination equipment. The 72-inch-wide live-bottom discharge belt leaves no dirt buildup and ensures smooth operation. Proximity sensors automatically position the telescoping boom to avoid bruising. Wide, cleated intake belts make this piece of equipment a great choice for unloading field trucks quickly and gently and improving harvest operations.





MC Series Conveyors

Miedema MC Series transport conveyors have a 31-inch-wide trough belt with a capacity of up to 140 tons per hour. The conveyor lies on top of the frame, guaranteeing maximum quality of the conveyed product. The MC Series are available in several lengths in both single- and duo-belt models. A wide range of options, including a belt weighing system, inspection lighting and inspection unit, is available.


ML Series Storage Loaders

The ML Series’ trough belt has a high capacity of over 160 tons per hour at a product-friendly conveyor belt speed. The wide transport conveyor lies completely free from the frame, allowing 100 percent utilization of its surface and ensuring maximum quality retention of product. The transport conveyor has a nodding end for perfect discharge when filling storage buildings. The loaders are available in lengths of 52, 62 or 72 feet and can be completely configured to customer specifications.


MHC Hopper/Separator

The MHC forms a total solution for buffering, sorting, cleaning, inspecting and transporting product. This combo is a high-capacity machine that provides cleaning with a double stone and clod separator.


Milestone Equipment

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(208) 785-4285



RevAir Debris Eliminator

In 2014 Milestone introduced the first-generation RevAir debris eliminator. Designed to eliminate foreign material—specifically lighter debris such as vines, corn roots/stocks, sod and weeds—from potatoes, onions and other root crops, the RevAir instantly showed tremendous potential and an impressive ability to remove unwanted items.

Milestone has continued to develop and improve the RevAir since that first prototype. Utilizing existing technologies coupled with new, innovative systems, the RevAir has proven to be an extremely effective debris eliminator. Available in a variety of widths and configurations, the RevAir is designed to meet growers’ needs. Portable, low-cost, low-power, effective debris elimination make the RevAir a valuable tool for reducing labor and increasing profits.


TriSteel Manufacturing

(208) 390-5120




Logan Surge Pro Hopper

The new Logan Surge Pro hopper model LSH60330 has combined some new innovations with simplicity and ease of operation to provide one of the best machines of its kind on the market. It features fewer drops and smoother transitions than almost any other brand.

A 54-inch infeed elevating conveyor, a 60-inch discharge belt, and a large 330-hundredweight tank combine to provide efficient production and gentle first in-first out handling. Operators can set the output rate and the discharge belt will self-adjust, providing a wide, consistent, even flow to downstream machines.

The Surge Pro only requires 14 horsepower’s worth of electrical power. The 60-inch discharge conveyor uses dual electric drives, with high-reduction, right-angle gear reducers providing high torque, allowing the use of small motors. Variable frequency drives for the conveyors reduce motor speed in rush current.