Florida Crop ‘Beautiful’

Published online: Apr 03, 2017 Potato Harvesting Bryant Wynes
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Thanks to favorable growing weather, Florida potato growers expect good supplies of quality product.

With more than 2,000 acres in production, Mack Farms in Lake Wales, Fla., expects major volume to hit in mid-March and run through mid-May. Salesman Nick Leger said conditions overall have been favorable.

“Weather was a little hot in some stages of planting,” he said in late February, “but we’re seeing good quality and the crop has been getting better every day.”

In Fort Myers, Fla., Troyer Bros.’ focus is on red, white and yellow potatoes.

“Good weather conditions this year have produced a very nice potato harvest,” says company president Aaron Troyer. “Buyers will find a good supply available for the upcoming … Easter holiday. The markets are shaping up to be very decent—above average.”

On March 6, the USDA reported prices of $16.25 to $18 for 50-pound cartons of size A round red U.S. No. 1 potatoes. A year ago, the same size potatoes sold for $17.

Size A U.S. No. 1 round white potatoes in 50-pound cartons sold for $22.25 to $25. A year ago, they sold for $32.

Size A U.S No. 1 yellow potatoes in 50-pound cartons sold for $22.25 to $25. A year ago, they sold for $20.25 to $24.

Jones Potato Farm in Parrish, Fla., grows eight potato varieties for chips and table stock. The company has a “beautiful” crop of potatoes in both volume and quality, says company president Alan Jones.


Source: The Packer