And The Potato Harvest Begins

Published online: Aug 23, 2022 Potato Harvesting
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Eagle Eye Produce, a top-tier grower and shipper of fresh produce, will start shipping new crop russet, red, and yellow potatoes from their packing facilities in Idaho and Washington this week.

Potato harvest is underway again for Eagle Eye Produce. Over the next few months, Eagle Eye growers will harvest thousands of acres of world-famous Idaho potatoes along with thousands of acres from key growing areas in Washington.

“We are extremely excited and thankful to get a new harvest underway,” said Coleman Oswald, Director of Sales at Eagle Eye Produce. “Due to a cool, wet start to the growing season, we are a bit delayed starting harvest, but the crop is looking very good and there is a tremendous amount of demand built up, due to the short supply year we are transitioning from. Overall acreage for this season is down due to limitations with irrigation water and increased input costs for growers and packers. With the challenges early in the growing season, we anticipate slightly smaller size profiles and a bit lighter yield, but overall, we are very pleased with the quality and excited to get this crop out of the ground and ready for consumers.”

To prepare for the upcoming crop, Eagle Eye Produce has built new state of the art storage facilities and invested further into their packing facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and automation to reduce labor constraints, improve quality, and contribute to more consistent packs year-round. Eagle Eye Produce has also bolstered its supply of red and yellow Idaho potatoes with increased acreage as consumer demand continues to rise.

Eagle Eye Produce is proud to offer a wide array of retail and foodservice pack styles under several of their proven brands with the option for private labels and a national sales and marketing team to support their global customer base. Eagle Eye Produce’s year-round potato programs are fully integrated. This industry-leading structure allows for one-stop loading of russet, red, yellow, and value-add products from their facilities in Idaho.

Eagle Eye Produce is headquartered in the heart of Idaho potato country, but they grow much more than potatoes. Annually cultivating more than 30,000 acres of fresh produce from Idaho to Mexico, and across most of the Western United States with a national sales and marketing team to support their diverse year-round commodity programs and proven brands. Eagle Eye Produce owns and operates state-of-the-art warehouses and packing facilities in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and California, and is dedicated to innovation, offering a full line of ready to cook simple meal solutions.

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