Drones are Newest Tools on the Farm

Published online: Apr 15, 2015 Jon Bowman
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BOULDER, Colo. — They call the sky-based business Agribotix.

“We are a company which uses drones to help farmers get a view of their land and crops from above,” said Paul Hoff. “We have used our drones around the world, helping grape growers in India, potato farmers in Mexico … We have helped farmers in more than 11 nations, along with the U.S.

The fixed-wing and quad-prop drones take a couple hundred images, which are then stitched together to give farmers a perfect map of how their fields and equipment look from above. The aircraft fly about 700 yards from pilot Jimmy Underhill, who can direct the ships wherever a farmer needs recon.

Argibotix has been up and flying for about two years. Many on board are former software programmers, so once data is gathered, they also run the information through a program that will give farmers far more airborne data than they will ever need.

Once the FAA comes up with its new regulations for flying drones commercially, the business applications for the U.S. will be unlimited.


Source: FOX 31 Denver