Potato Packaging Bill Clears Pa. Senate

Published online: Nov 14, 2013
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By Myles Snyder, ABC 27 WHTM 

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Legislation that would remove weight limit restrictions on potato packages in Pennsylvania has unanimously cleared the state Senate.

Under current Pennsylvania law, customers may only purchase potatoes in bags of less than 3 pounds; in bags weighing 3, 5, 10 , 15, 20, 25, or 50 pounds; or in multiples of 100 pounds.

Other weights, such as 8-pound bags, are currently illegal.

The bill's sponsor, Senator David Argall, said the market should dictate potato sales, not an antiquated law that serves no purpose for the people of Pennsylvania.

"This commonsense reform will allow customers to dictate how big of a potato package they may purchase at the grocery store or farmers market," Argall said in a statement. "This will remove some of the bureaucratic red tape that drives people crazy-and rightfully so."

Argall's proposal, Senate Bill 1131, now heads to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for consideration.

Source: www.abc27.com