Nelson Irrigation Navy Plate

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 06, 2012
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Nelson Irrigation Navy PlateNelson Irrigation Corporation, a world leader in center pivot sprinkler technology, offers a significant improvement for low pressure "up-top" mounting of center pivot water application packages.

The new Navy Plate for the A3000 Accelerator is designed for up-top mounting. As a low-pressure rotating sprinkler, the A3000 Accelerator produces a wider wetted pattern than sprayheads, resulting in better overlap and longer soak time to reduce runoff.

Compared to impact sprinklers, the A3000 Navy Plate operates at lower pressures-10 psi-saving energy. Expect long wear life because unlike impact sprinklers where the seals and bearing are exposed to water quality and pressure, the A3000's seals and thrust bearing are protected.

Re-nozzling to match crop requirements or pumping capacity is fast and easy, as the A3000 Accelerator features a quick-change, color-coded plastic nozzle. The new Navy Plate for the A3000 operates through a full nozzle range without having to change sprinkler models. This new sprinkler offers an excellent up-top water application solution at 10 PSI operating pressure.

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