John Deere 2600 Series Tillage Tools

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 06, 2012
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New John Deere Vertical TillageOLATHE, Kan.-For the 2012 tillage season, John Deere offers three new 2600 Series Disks and one new vertical tillage tool designed to provide everything from more muscle for penetrating, chopping and mixing soil and crop residue in a single pass to creating a uniform seedbed. The beefier new 2600 Series tillage lineup includes the 2625 Disk, 2623 Disk, 2620 Disk and 2623VT (Vertical Tillage).

The 2600 Series Disks and 2623VT give customers more high-performance, heavy-duty options when it comes to selecting the right tillage tools for their growing operations. In addition, John Deere has built the 2600 Series Disks to even tougher industry standards, with a full 2-inch diameter gang bolt, increased weight per blade by 30 percent and sealed maintenance-free bearings. All new models have innovative C-spring standards and hydraulic fore-aft leveling offered on base equipment that help provide more consistent tillage results in all types of field conditions.