Eurodrip USA Olson Vacleen Filter

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 06, 2012
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Eurodrip Vacleen FilterEurodrip USA introduces the Olson Vacleen Filter, exclusive to Eurodrip USA. This filter is popular with the fact that it is portable, self-cleaning and stainless steel. It is available from 125-2000 GPH. The portability allows for the filter to be moved from field to field. Eurodrip USA also offers other filters, such as the sand media filter.

Benefits from Eurodrip USA drip tape are endless: Custom emitter spacing, which controls the output of the water and nutrients to the potatoes. The spacing is designed on such factors as: soil, water availability, terrain and so on. Eurodrip USA emitters are special in that they are welded into the drip tape. Eurodrip USA is also known for its "seamless tape." This speaks for itself with its added strength due to no seams.