Published online: Nov 06, 2012 Potato Storage, Potato Harvesting
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U.S. potato industry leaders say the inaugural sale of dehydrated potato granules to a U.S. international food assistance program has opened a new market for growers.


The 320 metric tons of granules recently ordered by Virginia-based Counterpart International were also fortified with vitamins and minerals-another first for dehydrated potatoes used in U.S. foreign food aid.


The organization's order included an additional 320 metric tons of dehydrated potatoes in flake form-the type traditionally used abroad for food assistance. The products will feed malnourished school children in Cameroon, located in West Africa. Over the course of three years, Counterpart intends to purchase 1,986 combined metric tons of flakes and granules.


"We are honored and humbled to learn that our crops will be helping the country meet its commitment to improving childhood education and nutrition throughout the world," said Randy Hardy, an Oakley, Idaho, grower and the National Potato Council's vice president of trade affairs.


SOURCE:  John O'Connell, Capital Press