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Published in the July 2012 Issue Published online: Jul 12, 2012
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New Holland T9 Series 4WD Tractors

NEW HOLLAND, Pa.-New Holland's T9 Series 4WD tractors meet the power and productivity needs of row crop and broad acres producers with a standard or wide frame, industry-leading hydraulics, the largest cab in the industry and the industry's first cab suspension system. With the availability of the new SmartTrax tracks option, producers also have the benefit of a larger footprint and less soil compaction provided by tracks.

SmartTrax, available for New Holland's wide frame T9.615 and T9.670 tractor models, are premium-quality tracks with the toughest belts in the industry for longer belt life as well as uniform load to the ground. They are available in standard and high idler modules. The high idler configuration has a sled-shaped leading edge that drags crop residue and topsoil under the footprint for better traction and flotation. It makes it easier to drive in and out of ditches and climb over rough terrain and obstacles without undue stress on the operator or the machine.



TeeJet UniPilot

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.-The UniPilot assisted steering system from TeeJet Technologies offers growers a great, new option to boost in-field productivity and efficiency. Utilizing a rugged electric steering motor and universal mounting bracket, this system can be installed and operational very quickly on a wide range of vehicles. Additionally, the portability of the system allows growers to operate UniPilot across multiple vehicles and field operations to maximize utilization.

UniPilot is used in conjunction with the TeeJet Matrix Pro guidance system, which offers an intuitive touch-screen interface, field mapping/job planning capability and video monitoring.

UniPilot is compatible with over 350 vehicle platforms including tractors, sprayers, combines and swathers.


Hypro Express Nozzle Body End Caps

NEW BRIGHTON, Minn.-The Express nozzle body end cap from Hypro, 2012 AE50 award winner, supports today's practice of Precision Agriculture. It enables standard nozzle bodies to have much quicker reaction times in response to GPS boom shut-off control signals, turning off spray quickly and decisively on overlaps, end rows and boundary areas. This is achieved by eliminating the air that gets trapped in conventional boom designs. When the boom is completely filled with liquid, the nozzle body's diaphragm check valve (DCV) activation time is greatly improved, by as much as 85 percent.

The Express nozzle body end caps also create a much cleaner look by terminating the pipe at the last nozzle body, while reducing pipe material by as much as 10 percent. Using Express nozzle body end caps will contribute to better boom hygiene by eliminating the `dead-end' termination of pipe that allows chemical residue to buildup and air to accumulate. The additional option of a removable end plug allows easy access for boom cleanout to flush debris from boom pipe.

The Express nozzle body end cap is currently available for 1-inch nominal pipe (1.315"OD).

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FMC Triple Crown

PHILADELPHIA-Growers now have a powerful insecticide with three-way protection against aphids, stinkbugs and other key pests. FMC Corporation announces Triple Crown insecticide-a unique insecticide with three modes-of-action, providing soybean, corn and potato growers quick knockdown, long-lasting residual and translaminar activity.

As a combination pyrethroid and neo-nicotinoid insecticide, Triple Crown offers post-systemic and contact activity in the plant. Its translaminar activity penetrates through the leaf to control pests with piercing or suckling mouth parts, including aphids. It also provides excellent control of other key pests, including worms, stinkbugs and plant bugs, among other foliar insects.



Magnation Water Systems

OAKLAND, Calif.--Magnation recently introduced a new and improved line of stainless steel magnetic water channels under the brand Magnation Next Generation water systems. The enhanced product is the first flagship model offered under the company's new identity, which reflects the technology itself.

Magnation passive inline magnetic water systems improve pump efficiency and water flow by reducing total dissolved solids (TDS) and scaling, build up of salts, calcium, magnesium and iron bacteria.

Magnation Next Generation water systems create a turbulent water action that polarizes minerals in the water, increasing the water's solubility, permeability and the bioavailability of inputs reaching crops.

The science behind Magnation Next Generation is hydrodynamic magnetic resonance, which is simply when water passes through a magnetic field. The technology has been proven to increase water productivity, boost crop yield, induce seed germination and benefit the health of livestock. Producers have reported more plant with less water by using the Magnation Next Generation products.

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Marrone Bio Grandevo

Grandevo is an advanced new broad-spectrum bio-insecticide that offers potato growers proven protection against chewing and sucking insects such as potato psyllid, leafhopper, armyworm and others.

University field trials prove that Grandevo is effective at controlling potato psyllid and reducing zebra chip in harvested potatoes. Used alone or part of an integrated program, Grandevo's complex mode of action, with activity through ingestion, makes it an ideal partner in resistance management. Grandevo is tolerance-exempt on food crops, a key benefit for exported crops and promotes operational flexibility with a minimum four-hour re-entry interval (REI) and zero-day pre-harvest interval (PHI).


Landoll Vertical Tillage Machines

MARYSVILLE, Kan.-The benefits of vertical tillage and the need for large-acreage productivity have seamlessly come together in three new 7400 Series 5-Section Vertical Tillage Plus machines from Landoll. Available in working widths from 39 feet 9 inches to 49 feet 9 inches, the 5-Section VTplus, can cover up to an impressive 42 acres per hour, while sizing and anchoring residue and mixing a shallow layer of soil-all at speeds up to 8 1/2 miles per hour. When coupled with the previous VTplus models, the Landoll 7400 Series line of vertical tillage machines becomes the largest in the industry.

As with other 7400 series models, all new five-section units feature a 10-degree disc gang angle with ultra-low concavity 22-inch disc blades spaced on seven-inch centers. This combination ensures an even cutout across the full width of the machine and mixes the right amount of soil with residue to allow the decomposition process to begin. The overlapping, staggered gangs equally contribute to the smooth flow of soil and a level, ready-to-plant seedbed.

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Landoll 9600 Series Field Cultivators

MARYSVILLE, Kan.-Promising a "new era in field cultivators," Landoll recently introduced its new 9600 Series Field Cultivator line that takes seedbed preparation to a new level of size and productivity. Available in eight working widths from 20 to 50 feet, the 9600 Series is designed to help producers meet the short timeline that occurs each spring and fall prior to planting seasons.

The 9600 Series Field Cultivators are designed to save time when switching from one field to another. Three- and five-section models hydraulically fold to a maximum transport width of 17 feet 4 inches and a maximum transport height of 13 feet 11 inches for safe travel over the road. Upon arrival at the field, the single-point depth control feature allows quick and simple adjustment of operating depth, which is automatically maintained by the self-leveling hitch. Walking tandem wheels on 2 1/4- to 3-inch spindles and high flotation tires further contribute to safe transport, a smooth soil finish and improved depth control.