Simplot NutriSphere-N

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2012
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Simplot's NutriSphere-N works for you in three exclusive and important ways. First, it erases the effects of urease. Where urease typically encourages volatilization, NutriSphere-N controls urease, keeping it from robbing your nitrogen-or your yield potential.

Secondly, it calls a truce to bacterial warfare. Some soil bacteria work with enzymes to convert nitrogen fertilizer into nitrates that are prone to leaching and volatilization. Others don't. NutriSphere-N selectively inhibits unwanted chemical reactions without turning your growing fields into battle fields.

Lastly, it finds a stable relationship with the plant. Plants can do more with nitrogen in its ammonium form than they can with nitrates. So NutriSphere-N protects nitrogen in its ammonium state before it gets converted, giving you the greatest return on your nitrogen fertilizer investment.