Simplot Avail

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2012
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Developed in SFP laboratories, Avail has become known as "the most important fertilizer advancement in 30 years." By freeing your phosphorus fertilizer from fixation, Avail's patented technology keeps phosphorus ready and available to your crops when they need it, delivering increased fertilizer performance for optimal yield potential.

Avail phosphorus fertilizer enhancer lasts for an entire growing season, which means that from the time you put your phosphorus fertilizer in the ground, all the way to harvest, your phosphorus is available to your crop-even when your phosphorus is applied in the fall.

While the science behind Avail is complex, the idea is really very simple. Avail is a patented technology that surrounds phosphorus fertilizer in a water-soluble "shield." By blocking the bonds of attraction of chemical elements in the soil to the phosphorus, more of the phosphorus is available for your crop to utilize.