Nutri-Cal's Nutri-K

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2012
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Nutri-KNutri-K liquid potassium is a special formulation of highly soluble potassium, carboxylic acids and carbohydrates. The carboxylic acids and carbohydrates, which are the same complexing agents identified in the formulation of Nutri-Cal, are derived from plant extracts in a patented process. There are no nitrates, chlorides or sulfates. It has a low salt index and is therefore non-corrosive.

The product works when the T.O.G. complexes the elemental potassium ion, which subsequently allows the ion to be absorbed directly and immediately through the leaf and fruit cell walls.

Nutri-K T.O.G / liquid potassium complex provides a unique delivery system, which protects the potassium from forming an insoluble compound, enabling more efficient movement of potassium ion to the fruit/vegetable where it is needed most.