Air Cup Planters

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2012
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Lockwood Air Cup PlanterLockwood proudly manufactures Air Cup Planters that can be built in four-, six- or eight-row models. These Air Cup Planters are reliable and fast.

Lockwood Air Cup Planters are assembled with a variety of features and options. A 30-inch vacuum wheel keeps rocks and poorly cut seed pieces from affecting the performance of the vacuum wheel. This will allow for a faster planting speed while maintaining seed placement accuracy. Electronic seed bowl sensing also helps maximize the performance of the vacuum wheel.

Pull-type planters are equipped with steerable axles that have GPS capabilities. The steerable axles allow the planter to maintain row spacing accuracy on side hills and uneven grounds. Lockwood's Air Cup Planters also come with an on-the-go wash system. The stainless steel arms allow for quick and easy cleaning, which means more time in the field and less time for clean-up and maintenance.