Land View Fertilizer Carbond P

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2012
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Carbond TechnologyLand View, Inc., has developed "Carbond" technology, a product blended with various nutrient packs in a special manufacturing process. This technology includes various organic and amino acids, as well as other undisclosed compounds that may benefit plant growth. Our research team has performed laboratory, greenhouse and field trials to evaluate various Carbond products.

Three years of field trials show that plants fertilized with Carbond P have consistently greater phosphorus uptake than traditional sources of phosphorus fertilizer. In many cases, this enhanced phosphorus uptake has resulted in increased crop yields and/or quality.

Carbond P has been shown to have a high percentage of phosphorus bonding to carbon chains, which is likely reducing the amount of phosphorus that reacts to become bound up in the soil. Further work is being conducted to elucidate the mode of action for Carbond P and to optimize application rates and to determine if there are additional benefits to plants (in addition to phosphorus), but it is apparent that Carbond P is an effective source of phosphorus fertilizer.