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Cup Potato Planter

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2012
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Harriston Cup Potato PlanterThe Harriston Cup Potato Planter is built from the ground up with the grower's needs in mind. The machine was designed, proven and is built in North America. It can be ordered in the standard two-, four-, six- and eight-row designs, or set up with tighter row spacing for "bed style" planting in five-, seven- or other odd-number row configurations. These can all be ordered with a multitude of options.

The rigid row unit prevents seed from falling off due to opening shoe movement, and the floating shoe provides consistent seed depth and is adjustable for different field conditions. The Harriston Cup planter boasts a very short seed drop, which assures the best seed spacing accuracy possible in a cup planter.

The positive seed bowl system can be either mechanically switch-activated or controlled by ultrasonic sensors, depending upon which drive system is ordered. Either system maintains an even seed bowl height, unlike the gravity systems, and allows for more uniform feeding of the cups, producing fewer skips and doubles.