Alexin Ag Myconate

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2012
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Alexin AgMyconate is a soil amendment containing the biologically active isoflavone formononetin, a naturally occurring signaling compound that stimulates the development of mycorrhizal fungi and improves root colonization. With more mycorrhizal fungi at work, potato plants can draw more nutrients and moisture out of the soil. Myconate is an economical means to increase the productivity of the mycorrhizal spores in the soil and thereby experience the benefits of earlier and higher root colonization.

Myconate is easy to apply, and growers won't have to adjust their management practices in any way. The Myconate AS formulation allows you to apply it yourself, right on the seed pieces before planting; or to tank mix it with your starter fertilizer during planting; or apply it to your soil in sprays, side-dressings or drenches. Any method that gets the Myconate down into the root zone where it can do its job is satisfactory.