Gellert--Still An Industry Leader

Published online: Jul 23, 2004
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The Gellert Company, maker of state-of-the-art potato storage control equipment, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The Twin Falls, ID, company has been serving the vegetable storage industry since 1964.

Gellert is responsible for the introduction of a wide range of products that have become industry standards. The company revolutionized early storage systems with the introduction of the Season Selector control panels.

The company is also the first to integrate computers into storage with the advent of the CP and Z-Series controls. Now the company is raising the bar still higher with the introduction of the Galaxy control panel.

The Galaxy provides total system control of the storage environment unequaled by any other panel. It is loaded with a variety of features including wireless and web-based communications, automated VFD control, and advanced CO2 analysis and purging capabilities.

Other company break-throughs include the advent of the ClimaCell evaporative cooling and humidification systems, the ClimaSeal fresh air door, and the latest development, the CR110 refrigeration control system.