FMC's Anthem Flex Herbicide Receives Label Expansion From EPA For Use In Potatoes

Published online: Jun 27, 2024 New Products
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Philadelphia, PA -- The EPA has approved a nationwide label expansion for Anthem Flex herbicide from FMC for use in potatoes. With this label expansion, potato growers now have access to a new tool that delivers long residual control of more than 30 different broadleaf and grass weed species, including barnyard grass, foxtail, nightshade, pigweed and waterhemp.

Anthem Flex herbicide is a leading preemergent herbicide recognized for its long residual activity and low use rate. Enabling this long-lasting residual control of a wide weed spectrum are the two most effective modes of actions available for use in potatoes, which Anthem Flex herbicide is built on: carfentrazone-ethyl (Group 14 herbicide) and pyroxasulfone (Group 15 herbicide).

The herbicide has shown to have a 30 percent longer half-life in the soil compared to other Group 15 herbicides and the longest residual control of tough weeds. These characteristics allow Anthem Flex herbicide to deliver extended weed control into and throughout the summer months, resulting in cleaner fields. This also reduces the pressure placed on postemergent herbicides to control late-season weeds, like Johnsongrass, pigweed, nightshade and green and yellow foxtail.

"Growers are looking for consistent season-long weed control without complications, especially for increasingly difficult weeds," says Kirk Sager, technical service manager for FMC. "By shifting the weed control application to a preemergence timing, Anthem Flex herbicide allows growers to be more upfront with their weed control and minimizes many of their worries, like weather, that are typically associated with postemergent herbicides."

Anthem Flex herbicide should be applied when at least two inches of soil is covering the emerging potato sprouts and paired with a tank-mix partner herbicide. Growers may apply this herbicide as a broadcast spray to the soil's surface after planting or at drag-off of potatoes prior to weed emergence. When tank mixed with strong burndown treatments, Anthem Flex herbicide is able to achieve a broader spectrum of control of emerged weeds.

"Tank-mix partners with Anthem Flex herbicide help broaden our weed spectrum to better control all weeds," Sager says. "Metribuzin is a tank-mix option under normal weed pressure conditions. When facing heavy weed pressure, flumioxazin is a good tank-mix partner to pair with Anthem Flex herbicide."

"There's also rimsulfuron, another excellent tank-mix partner, and we can move this kind of chemistry into the preemergence timing with Anthem Flex herbicide rather than use it as a rescue treatment postemergent. Anthem Flex herbicide can help take the pressure off our postemergent technology and refocus our efforts on starting and staying weed free."

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