No-Fuss, No-Mess Wildlife Repellent Now Available To Protect Emerging Crops

Published online: May 02, 2024 New Products
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Trico Pro, a new, user-friendly wildlife repellent, is now available at Helena Agri-Enterprises retail locations and authorized dealers across the country. It uses natural, effective ingredients to deter deer, elk, moose and rabbits from farmland as the 2024 crop takes off.

By safeguarding initial plantings and preventing the need to replant, Trico Pro enables farmers to protect emerging crops and maximize early growth while minimizing their environmental impact and conserving resources.

Financial losses worth hundreds of millions of dollars are attributed to deer and other animals every year. In addition to feeding, damage can include browsing, trampling or bedding, along with antler rubbing and debarking. These activities decrease plant quality, stand and yield, resulting in added time, labor and expenses to recoup yield or market value. As opposed to costly physical barriers, Trico Pro uses a dual-action spray to target the senses of taste and smell in animals.

“Prior to launching Trico Pro, we tested it in areas of the Southeast that hadn’t seen a cotton harvest in over five years because the deer damage was so extensive,” says Dr. Michael Cox, Helena Products Group Brand Manager specializing in crop protection. “After one application of Trico Pro shortly after planting, we saw cotton fields flourishing with plenty of growth, which later resulted in outstanding yields. Soybean growers across the country have also experienced dramatic results in fields normally taken over by deer, where Trico Pro either prevented the browsing or allowed soybeans to produce new growth after treatment.”

In addition to production agriculture, Trico Pro can be used to protect timber establishment and to maintain the quality and aesthetics of golf courses, nursery stock, landscaping and recreational areas. Unlike traditional repellents, it produces long-lasting protection after a single application, and its subtle odor is non-irritating to humans but highly effective to the keen senses of animals. Trico Pro also improves application handling and flexibility. Delivered in a convenient, liquid concentrate, Trico Pro can be applied with hand-held or backpack sprayers in addition to gardening, turf, golf course and farming equipment.

Trico Pro is registered for use in all states, excluding Alaska, California and Hawaii.

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