New High-Flotation Options, Spreading Enhancements For Pro-Force Dry Fertilizer Spreaders

Published online: May 21, 2024 New Products
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Unverferth Manufacturing enhances its lineup of Pro-Force dry fertilizer spreaders with two added, high-flotation undercarriage options for models 1850, 2250 and 2650; an Equalizer track system and in-line walking tandem dual wheels, and ISOBUS-enabled boundary control for optimal fertilizer placement.   

The Equalizer track system features the ultimate in maintaining ground contact. Its patented cambering action pivots the track up to 20 degrees front to rear and up to 9 degrees side-to-side for smooth operation over rough terrain for maximum flotation. The 42-inch wide by 131-inch long belt with 87 inches of ground contact provides up to twice the flotation of single wheels and tires. The one-piece, molded rubber belt design provides long-life and durability. An auto-greaser for lubricating pivot points is standard for making daily maintenance a breeze.

The new in-line walking tandem axle undercarriage features front-to-rear oscillation for maintaining ground contact and smoothing out the ride through the field. For a soft footprint, model 1850 features 710/50x26.5 HF-2 tires and wheels and models 2250 and 2650 feature 750/60x30.5 HF-2 tires and wheels. The wider tire design distributes weight across a larger area for improved flotation. 

The new ISOBUS boundary control moderates the speed of the right-hand spinner disc for more precise application around field edges, keeping more nutrients within the field.  This feature can be activated using the Raven RCM screen or through the use of a convenient on/off switch. 

Pro-Force dry spreaders, depending on model, are available in mounted or pull-type models with 10- to 22-ton capacities and are constructed from premium 304 stainless steel for the greatest oxidation resistance. The 34-inch wide belt-over-chain conveyor and dual 30-inch dished spinners with tapered vanes accurately spread common fertilizers up to 90 feet and lime and litter up to 60 feet.

For micro nutrient application, up to three compartments can be added to apply four separate products, each with variable rate.

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