New Chemigation Bill Changes Licensing Process For Chemigators

Published online: Apr 17, 2024 Articles
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Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little signed House Bill 549 into law, marking a significant change in the requirements for chemigators in Idaho

The new legislation was signed and went into effect on March 19, 2024. The new law reduces paperwork and regulatory burden while still ensuring that chemigators are adequately trained and informed.    

“I hope customers feel comfortable coming to us with concerns, and I’m grateful for legislators who do the same,” said Chanel Tewalt, ISDA Director. “A practice being in place for several years does not inhibit us from reevaluating its efficacy for industry. I want industry and policymakers to feel comfortable having conversations with us about how to better serve Idaho agriculture.”    

Now to be licensed, chemigators have the option to attend an ISDA training, either in person or online, rather than having to mirror the pesticide applicator licensing process and exams. Previously, all chemigators were required to obtain a pesticide applicators license, regardless of whether they were applying pesticides or fertilizer. 

ISDA is implementing a temporary rule to ensure these changes are in place for the 2024 growing season. ISDA chemigation inspections will continue to be performed with the intention of supporting industry in compliance.   

Chemigation is the practice of applying pesticides or fertilizers through irrigation systems and has long been a critical component of Idaho farming operations. 

For more information on chemigation licensing, contact the ISDA Agricultural Resources Division at (208) 332-8605.