February Report From USDA: Frozen Potatoes Supply

Published online: Mar 30, 2024 Articles
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According to recent data released by the USDA, frozen french fries in cold storage were a mixed bag with some areas of the country showing a decrease in stocks while others still having higher inventories compared to a year ago.

All measurements referred to are in 1,000 pounds. So for example in New England as of Feb. 29, 2024, there were 48,218 pounds of frozen fries in storage, up from the 46,250 pounds in February 2023. Head west and the Mountain Region has 164,871 pounds of french fries in storage at the end of February 2024 compared to 191,642 in February 2023.

Overall (nationwide), frozen potato stocks were down: 1,188,917 pounds in February 2024 compared to 1,278,083 pounds the year prior. But the February 2024 figure is up from January 2024 which showed 1,159,599 pounds in storage.

When looking at all frozen potatoes, the trends are similar. See the attached photos for details.