Built Tough To Take On More: 2024 Kawasaki Brute Force 750, Brute Force 750 EPS, Brute Force 750 EPS LE ATVs

Published online: Mar 26, 2024 New Products
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In the world of off-road adventures, the Brute Force name has been associated with reliability, functionality, and sporting ATV prowess. For 2024, the Kawasaki Brute Force 750 is back for a whole new era of fun and functionality, reaffirming its status as a powerhouse in the ATV class.

Underneath its rugged exterior lies the heart of the Brute Force 750 all-terrain vehicle: a high-performance 749cc V-Twin engine and a chassis known for its durability. While maintaining the core elements that have propelled it to long-term success, Kawasaki introduces a bold new look with the 2024 Brute Force ATV, embracing tough and rugged styling that radiates power. With redesigned fenders, a new grille, a captivating 3D emblem, and various design touches, the Brute Force 750 asserts itself as a visual standout.

The technological leap forward is evident in the enhanced features of the 2024 Brute Force 750. A state-of-the-art TFT color instrumentation adds a modern touch to the cockpit, while all LED lighting, including a newly integrated handlebar-mounted LED light, illuminates the path ahead. The addition of rugged racks, both in the front and rear, amplifies the utility of this adventure-ready ATV. With a blend of newfound aesthetics and increased utility, complementing its tried-and-true engine performance and exceptional sport handling, the 2024 Brute Force 750 stands poised and ready to conquer a range of challenges on the off-road terrain.

2024 Brute Force 750 Highlights

  • High-performance 749cc V-twin four-stroke engine
  • NEW Styling including all-new bodywork
  • NEW 4.3-inch full-color TFT display
  • NEW LED lighting featuring handlebar mounted LED pod light
  • NEW Rugged, plastic cargo rack covers w/KQR system compatibility (EPS and LE models)
  • NEW Handguards (LE models only)
  • Selectable 2WD/4WD with variable front differential lock control
  • 1,250-lb towing capacity
  • Speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering (EPS and LE models)


The Brute Force 750 all-terrain vehicle is famous for its robust V-Twin engine, delivering impressive power, high-revving character, and superb acceleration. The liquid-cooled, 749cc, 4-valve V-twin engine produces plenty of usable power, with ample torque output for effortless acceleration. Compact design was a key focus in developing the engine for the Brute Force 750.

The oversquare bore and stroke, measuring 85mm x 66mm, combined with a 90-degree offset between cylinders, ensures perfect balance, resulting in low vibration levels and comfortable riding. The all-aluminum cylinders feature electrofusion-coated bores for light weight, long wear, and exceptional heat dispersion. With a high 9.3:1 compression ratio contributing to excellent ultra-low rpm torque, the engine excels in starting from a stop. The exhaust system, formed from stainless steel, handles stress and offers rust resistance, while rubber mounts for the muffler alleviate stress.

The Brute Force 750 ATV boasts a fuel injection system with 36mm throttle bodies and a 32-bit CPU, providing extremely stable power delivery under various conditions. This system ensures instantaneous fuel delivery, ideal for sport riding. The throttle's light feel helps to reduce rider fatigue and is achieved through a light spring rate for the throttle return springs and ball bearings in the throttle bodies to minimize friction. The CVT transmission features a belt clutch for direct control of the V-Twin's engine response, allowing riders to dial in the perfect amount of power. The high-pressure fuel pump inside the tank, along with a unique reservoir chamber at the bottom of the fuel pump, prevents air from entering the fuel system, ensuring smooth operation. With a large radiator, fan, and cooling components, the engine of the Brute Force 750 is adequately cooled for an enhanced riding experience.

The Brute Force 750 is equipped with a Variable Front Differential Control system, a game-changer when it comes to navigating tricky terrain. This feature allows riders to more easily navigate obstacles by adjusting the torque with a simple lever operation. When left untouched, the system acts as a limited-slip differential, ensuring optimal traction. However, when faced with challenging conditions, applying force to the lever increases torque, minimizing slip and providing maximum traction. The on-demand nature of the system means that enhanced traction is just a quick lever pull away, even with the differential lock turned off. This dynamic feature can be engaged on the fly, allowing riders to seamlessly adapt to changing terrain without stopping, simply by dialing in the required amount of torque.

Additionally, the electrically selectable 2WD/4WD system offers versatile options for different driving scenarios, with 2WD for light steering, 4WD for enhanced traction while maintaining light steering, and 4WD with the differential lock for maximum traction in challenging conditions.


Embarking on off-road adventures is a joy with the Brute Force 750, thanks to its robust and durable chassis. The double-cradle frame is strategically reinforced at crucial points, such as the front A-arm mounts, rear stabilizer mounts, and engine mounts, ensuring optimal off-road handling. Designed for sport riding, the frame absorbs shocks effectively, providing excellent ride comfort and enabling a high average pace on diverse terrains. The slim riding position is achieved by arranging the V-Twin engine longitudinally, offering an ideal setup for those who enjoy sport riding and maneuverability.

Comfort is a top priority with the Brute Force 750 ATV, with features tailored for an enjoyable riding experience. The thick covers for the rear exhaust pipe and muffler, along with heat-resistant padding in the side covers, significantly reduce engine heat transmitted to the rider. The seat, crafted with elastic material, not only enhances comfort but also provides excellent holding performance. There are plenty of places to store items on the Brute Force 750, including a covered bonnet storage large enough for two 16-ounce bottles, a sealed waterproof glove box on the front left fender, and an easy-access storage pocket on the right fender.

Practicality meets power with the Brute Force 750, retaining a towing capacity of 1,250-lbs. and features a standard trailer hitch bracket. The front guard has plenty of space for a winch system, with the sturdy frame capable of handling a 3,000-lb class winch. The convenience of a 12V DC socket for powering accessories, along with pre-wiring for a horn, reverse light and trailer light installation, adds to the overall functionality of this adventure-ready ATV.

The Brute Force 750 delivers a ride that seamlessly combines strong handling with comfort, thanks to its shock-absorbing frame and the assistance of Electric Power Steering (EPS). This high-grade EPS goes beyond traditional steering support, offering enhanced handling and increased ride comfort. The system works by translating the rider's handlebar input into a signal sent to the EPS Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which then determines the necessary level of steering assistance. Utilizing data from a vehicle speed sensor and torque sensor, the EPS ensures optimal assistance, with the greatest support at slow speeds or when stationary, gradually reducing as the vehicle gains speed.

Not only does the EPS contribute to precise steering, but it also acts as a damping system, enhancing overall ride comfort and control. When the steering input is neutral, the inertia of the electric motor serves as a stabilizer, minimizing any unwanted movement. The EPS significantly reduces bump steer and kickback to the handle caused by shocks to the wheels, providing riders with a smoother and more controlled experience on a variety of terrains. This system ensures that the rider enjoys not only responsive and effortless steering but also a comfortable ride.

The 2024 Brute Force 750 EPS, Brute Force 750 EPS LE and Brute Force 750 EPS LE Camo all-terrain vehicles add to a more stylish and functional design with new front and rear carriers adorned with plastic covers. These carriers not only look sleek but also offer practicality with a flat top surface featuring grooves for securing buckets. The carriers hold an impressive 88 lbs. up front and 176 lbs. in the rear, making them versatile for various tasks, from work-related duties to camping adventures. All models are equipped with mounting points for KQR accessories featuring quick release capabilities, adding extra functionality to these carriers.

The rear carrier cover features anti-slip grooves designed to securely hold multiple five-gallon buckets, enhancing stability during transport. The rugged carrier covers also come with octagonal slots that conveniently accommodate the new-style KQR mounts, which can be found on all models. Certain areas of the steel beneath the plastic coverings remain exposed, serving as accessible hook or tie-down points for added convenience. The rear carrier's revised pipeline contributes to a sportier image, ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality across the Brute Force lineup.


Navigating through bumps and elevation changes with the Brute Force 750, thanks to its impressive suspension system and ample ground clearance. The double wishbone suspension, working both at the front and rear, guarantees exceptional ground-following ability and ride comfort, especially in low and medium-speed ranges.

The suspension settings are finely tuned to deliver a planted feeling in corners, enhancing its sport-riding potential. The front A-arm pivot joints, both upper and lower, incorporate rubber bushings. The lower rear A-arms utilize a combination of needle bearings and pillow balls, offering enhanced stability, smooth suspension action and superb ride comfort. The front and rear A-arm/shock absorber layout, with shock absorbers mounted between the upper and lower A-arms at a splayed angle along with carefully calibrated shock settings, contribute to maintaining high ground clearance even when a rider is seated on the ATV. The use of single-rate springs further optimizes the suspension system's performance.

Brakes And Wheels

The braking system on the Brute Force 750 ATV is engineered for powerful and precise performance during sport riding. With twin 200mm discs and dual-piston brake calipers at the front, riders have powerful and progressive braking, providing an excellent feel and increased control. The sealed internal wet rear brake is designed to protect its components from mud and dust, ensuring consistent performance. Both front and rear brakes can be engaged using hand levers, and a foot pedal on the right side allows riders to activate the rear brake with ease.

For 2024, the Brute Force 750 will use CST tires, which improve traction performance, provide a more planted feel, and increase tire rigidity. These tire upgrades contribute to reduced kickback to the handlebars and lighter steering weight, providing an overall smoother and more enjoyable ride.


The new handlebar-mounted LED light on the Brute Force 750 serves both style and functionality, situated above the standard headlights for additional light. Its strategic positioning ensures that the light moves with the machine, providing additional illumination when accessories like a snowplow are attached to the front of the machine. Beyond style, the handlebar-mounted LED light turns in the same direction as the handlebars, ensuring that there is light pointing precisely where the rider intends to go. This feature proves particularly beneficial when navigating through challenging terrains or maneuvering with attachments.

The handlebar-mounted LED light operates in conjunction with the high beams, providing additional lighting when needed. This innovative feature enhances the versatility of the Brute Force750 ATV, making it a reliable companion in various situations.

The Brute Force 750 is engineered to tackle challenging off-road conditions, especially when faced with mud and water. Wheel-well flaps play a vital role in minimizing the intake of water and mud into the engine compartment. A snorkel air intake, positioned beneath the handlebars, directs air to the air box and CVT unit, entering a cavity in front of the air box to prevent the entry of water and mud. The strategic layout includes an overlap between the air box intake tube and snorkel extension, making it challenging for water and mud to reach the air box.

Careful placement and layout of the CVT duct between the air box and CVT case further prevents the ingress of water and mud into the CVT case. The protective shielding under the front bonnet serves a dual purpose, preventing mud from reaching the air intake and protecting relocated electrical equipment from the elements.


The cockpit of the Brute Force 750 ATV has been enhanced with a cutting-edge 4.3-inch high-grade full-color TFT LCD screen, providing a high-tech and high-grade appearance. This upgraded screen brings additional features that contribute to an advanced and user-friendly interface. The high-grade full-color display employs TFT (thin-film transistor) technology, ensuring optimal visibility with a selectable background color (black or white) and automatic brightness adjustment to suit varying light conditions. The comprehensive display functions include a digital speedometer, 2WD/4WD drive indicator, fuel gauge, odometer, dual trip meters, dual hour meters, clock (12h/24h), battery voltage, Kawasaki service reminder, and oil change reminder. Surrounding the digital display, a range of indicator lights, including high beam, neutral, reverse, and warning lights for engine, coolant temperature, CVT, oil, and EPS (on applicable models), further enhancing the user experience and providing essential information at a glance.

The Brute Force 750 has undergone a noticeable transformation with its completely redesigned exterior, radiating a powerful, solid and well-integrated look that redefines the style of the Brute Force family. The updated design not only enhances its presence but also contributes to user appeal. Newly designed front and rear fenders on the Brute Force 750 ATV combine aesthetics and functionality and minimize mud splash, providing a cleaner and more enjoyable riding experience. Placing colored parts higher on the machine adds to the overall appeal and quality, while lower black-colored components enhance the machine's tough and rugged appearance.

Adding to the aesthetic appeal is the prominent 3D Kawasaki emblem adorning the grille, emphasizing the brand's high-grade look and feel. The redesigned headlights, featuring a more angular and recessed design, add an aggressive touch to the Brute Force’s new face. Line-type LED position lamps contribute to a fierce expression. Slim, widely spaced taillights complement the updated styling, while the redesigned dash panel reflects the tough and rugged concept and accommodates the new TFT color instrumentation seamlessly. With new Earth-tone colors, the Brute Force 750 line now boasts a fresh and contemporary look, ensuring that customers take pride in owning Kawasaki's latest flagship ATV.

2024 Model Variations

Kawasaki Brute Force 750

Color: Timberline Green

MSRP: $9,999

Availability: Now

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 EPS LE

Color: New Light Sage Green, Cypher Camo Gray

MSRP: $11,999

Availability: Now

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 EPS

Color: Grayish Blue

MSRP: $11,399

Availability: Now

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 EPS LE Camo


MSRP: $11,999

Availability: Now

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