The Future Of Diesel Engines And What Else Is On The Horizon

Published online: Feb 06, 2024 Articles
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During the annual American Sugarbeet Growers Association meeting this week, Cummins New Product Development Director RaNae Isaak gave an interesting and insightful presentation on the future of heavy-duty engines and what is looming on the horizon for growers when it comes to what might be powering their farm equipment in the years to come.

That includes not only electric but hydrogen, fuel cell and other potential power sources for on- and off-farm vehicles.

While Isaak was speaking to sugarbeet growers, the information she presented would be of interest to all growers.

Isaak grew up on a farm in southeast Idaho and has been with Cummins for nearly 18 years.

This is just a short snippet from Isaak’s presentation. Her entire presentation is on our Facebook page here: