Regenertive Organic Agriculture Mixture Improves Soil Health, Water Retention And Reduces Fertilizer, Pesticide Use

Published online: Feb 17, 2024 New Products
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NaturaSolve the all-natural solution for sustainable soil health and regenerative agriculture has announced the new versions of its non GMO products for soil health and water remediation

The two products NaturaSolve makes are SoilMix and WaterMix.

SoilMix is a mixture of naturally occurring fungi and bacteria that help make soils healthy again and reduce the usage of fertilizers and pesticides. The mixture breaks down organic material quicker, making it bioavailable to the plants by rhizobial characteristics. This means the nutriments get to the plant earlier in its growing cycle, making bigger plants with increased yields

This rapid decomposition leaves space in the soil structure which improves water retention, meaning less watering of crops is required.

Add to that the bacteria crowd out pathogens in the soil leading to less need for pesticides.

  • 1 gallon when watered in covers 42 acres (3oz/Acre) 

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Watermix is used in manure lagoons to break down waste to a fine fertilizer as well as oxidization of excess nutriments and other contaminants in ponds, lakes and stream where blue green algae is present. 

NaturaSolve is a company based in Utah and has been selling its WaterMix and SoilMix products for the past 8 years.

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